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Unable to login 5330 Appliance media server

Level 1

We are not able to login 5330 media server as root file system is full.

While trying to login to clean up for space, it is giving below error.And Maintenance password is working.Can someone please advise on this how to proceede.

XXXXXXXXX.Support> Maintenance
<!-- Maintenance Mode --!>
Use of chdir('') or chdir(undef) as chdir() is deprecated at /opt/NBUAppliance/scripts/ line 148.
maintenance's password:





Hi Zeelan,

Please always remember to give as much info about your environment as possible.  In this case, knowing what version of NetBackup software is running on the appliance would be very helpful.

I've found a couple of article very similar to yours, but they all relate to very early, now unsupported versions of NetBackup (,, and  The line in where the error occurs is different to yours, but symptoms are similar.  The files in question that fill the root file system are from nbtelemetry or nbcheck.  It did appear that an EEB may have been released for, but will no longer be available as the 2.6.x versions are no longer supported - hope you aren't on one of those, as one of my suggestions would have been to log a support case, but depending on your version that may not be possible.

The two links I've found are below.  I'm quite surprised the Symantec link is still active as most of those have been moved over to Veritas.  In the Symantec link, it refers to booting the appliance to single-user mode, which appears to be the only way to clean it up once Root is full.  Unfortunately the link that refers to how to do that (TECH189518) is dead, and I have been searching for any other document that shows that, but so far no joy.

Hope this helps,


Level 3

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