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VC VIM transaction log filling up after differential backup

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Hi All,

I currently backup lots of VMs with no problems. 

We also backup the Virtual Center SQL databases as well using transaction log backups every two hours and then an incremental daily. The strange thing, is that we have been seeing that straight after the incremental backup, we see that the VIM database in VC complains that the transaction log is full up. 

The last transaction log backup happens at midnight so the transaction log should be pretty much empty. 

My questions are:

What effect does a differential backup have on the VIM database logs? Does anyone have any experience of this?

Is there something you can add to the SQL scripts that would force a transaction log truncate before the differential backup starts?

I have checked that admin guide and best practice but cant really see any reference to this issue.


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Might want to use this to check your log usage before and after backups.