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What happens when an Appliance 5220 Disk gets Full

We were under the impression from sale demo that when the appliance disk gets full,  that netbackup "sorta" started clearing some old backups to make space available. This was to keep backups from failing. Another words we may have retention policy too long that filled up the disk and netbackup would take care of itself. But this seems like netbackup is taking over the retention policy. I read in trouble shooting guide that netbackup would hang. I am trying to find in documentation or somewhere it explians what happens when a disk fills up.

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The clean-up process is

The clean-up process is explained here indirectly:

Thanks Nicolai, this helped

Thanks Nicolai, this helped explain what is automatically done in effort to stop the disk from filling and what I can do manually if disk space is running close. Another question in addition is, if cleanup procedures were automatically being done and for some reason disk just filled up, would netbackup just hang? or error out?

Netbackup does not auto start expiring old backups??

Newbee -  Did your Symantec

Newbee -  Did your Symantec sales team or partner perform a storage sizing exercise with you that included your predicted deduplicaiton efficiency?  This exercise helps you to understand what % of your data will have high deduplication rates and the expected useable storage requirements given your retention and data types.  As part of this exercise, the questions you've asked would be answered.

From a licensing perspective, if you're running out of disk space with NetBackup due to your retention times, all you would need to purchase is an additional disk tray (HW).

If you send me a direct message, we can hook you up with the right resources.


The MSDP pool will fill up if

The MSDP pool will fill up if you are injecting data faster than the cleaning process can remove old data. If there is no old data (expired images) Netbackup will not start deleting backup still active backup.

You need to capacity monitor the MSDP pool.