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Which license with N5200?

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Hi all,

it's not clear which NetBackup licenses come with the N5200 appliance.

It there only the "server" one? Which kind of server? Standard, enterprise?

Has any other license to be separetely acquired?



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Since no one else seems to have responded...

From what I read, we would still need to purchase the NBU licensing separate from the appliance. 

If we only want to use this as a standalone all-in-one master/media server backup system, we would purchase the NBU Standard license. 

If we wanted to use it as a media server node or a master server with our NBU Enterprise system, we would need to purchase that license instead. 

  • We should already be licensed for the Enterprise Disk; if not we would need to calculate front-end-terabyte amount from existing full backups and add enough extra to cover addistional data before our existing service contract is up for renewal and adjustment. 
  • If adding more tape drives to an existing system, we would, of course, need to add the applicable licensing for library-based tape drives, NBU Vault, etc.

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I thought the licenses are based on the per TB model?  Of course your Symantec rep is the best source for this info.

Basically as far as I understood, there are only two options for this.

buy the appliance

buy xx/TB of capacity to unlock all features of NBU except deduplication

Buy xx/TB of capacity of deduplication you want to enable.  


capacity is measured based on "Front-End TB's."  Meaning, how much data do you want to protect or backup.  Not how it's stored, replicated, or deduped.  


The ala carte licensing of agents, tape drives, etc I guess would work, but the capacity licensing is what makes the appliance simple.

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You need to purchase two kinds of SKUs to license a NBU 5200 appliance:

1. Hardware: The appliance hardware SKU and associated maintenance

2. Software: NBU software can be licensed in two ways: traditional licensing or capacity based licensing.

If you are on capacity licensing model, you simply need to buy capacity equivalent to the total front end data that is being protected on your appliance (this is data at the source before deduplication).

If you are on traditional licensing model, you need to get a Linux Tier 2 media server license.

Deduplication is an optional add-on item that is available on a front end capacity basis on both of the above models.

Note: Software maintenance SKUs also need to be purchased irrespective of the licensing models being used.

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Hi Guys,


When you buy 5200 it comes with demo licenses. Usually you buy additional license for the deduplication option. Once your 5200 is up and running log to it, and use bpminlicense -add_keys and add all license keys you have (you can remove demo once).