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about Veritas Access Appliance

Plan to buy Veritas Access Appliance as archviing storage. Can someone share your experience? thanks in advance.

1). can an Access Appliance be configured on existing media server as storage pool, run SLP from MSDP to it? 

2). Is the data in Access Appliance deduplicated ? Will any additional DDPO license be needed for Access Appliance. I heard the OpenDedu is being used on Access Appliance.

3). Can the Access Appliance be shared by multiple media servers?

4). Can the access appliance be used as CIFS/NAS servers?

5). Is there any way to test out before purchase?  

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Re: about Veritas Access Appliance


1). The appliance can be configured as a new puredisk storage pool that you can use with your existing MSDP (duplicate to), or as standalone target (backup to)

2). Yes,it can be used as dedupe (puredisk) or non-dedupe

3). Yes, it can. It can even be shared by multiple NetBackup domains and will globally dedupe


Re: about Veritas Access Appliance

5). Is there any way to test out before purchase?  

I believe the Veritas may have a 'try and buy' option. Obviously with conditions that need to be met by both parties. 
Please reach out to your local Veritas partner and Veritas SE. 

@FlyMountain you may also want to read through the Veritas Access Solutions Guide for NetBackup.