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How long does reboot last for your NBU 5230's

HelloI am after upgrading to 3.1.2 for most of my appliances and recently I had to reboot few of them. Now this reboot is taking really long time ca.1 h or so...It is sitting for quite a long time on this          How it is with your NBU appliances??...

quebek by Moderator
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Reimage 5240 nbu 3.1.2 appliance

Hi Guys, Can you hep me on the issue after we reimage the 5240 appliance 3.1.2.We directly loogin to veritas optimized OS. 2.3.2Is anyone here experience not successful reimage of nbu appliance version 3.1.2?Do I use to reimage it by using 3.1.1 the ...


How to check the state of the appliance without connecting to the client network, monitor and keyboard?

brenno by Level 1
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5230 hangs on POST after 3.1.2/8.1.2 upgrade

Hello,I am in the final stages of upgraded our NetBackup environment from version 7.7.3 to 8.1.2. I have successfully upgraded the master servers, and 4 out of 6 NetBackup appliances. However, I have a major issue with my last 2 appliances.They are b...

Set Hot Spare on NetBackup 5200

Hi. I need to set the Hot Spare to a different disk in a NetBackup 5200. The below article refers to a KB article 000013307 that has an instruction of how to do so. I can't seem to find the article anywhere? Does anybody know how I might get access t...

Affinity by Level 3
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New Disk Shelves Addition

Dear Geeks, I am writing to know if we can add additional storage shelves in a Netbackup 5330 Appliance. Our appliance is running on Netbackup 7.7.3 . MSDP limit has been reached and we cannot expand it until we upgrade to 8.X Now we have additional ...

NetBackup appliance tape drive paths selection

We have two NetBackup 5240 appliances running 3.1.2 (NB 8.1.2). Each appliance has dual FC ports for tape backups. We also have a tape library with 6 tape drives and each drive also has dual ports. All these are in a SAN First port from each applianc...

DPO by Level 6
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"Hardware ShowHealth" get info

Hi,I'm triying to get the info of the output from Hardware ShowHealth but I couldn't with a "expect script" because I have problems with the output on the screen.Anyone knows how to get the info about all the hardware status of the appliance to try t...

Arturo_Lopez by Level 5
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Backup and Restore speed on 10Gb interface

Hi AllPlease advise what will be the backup speed on 2x10gb bonded interface using IBM SAN as msdp on Windows Enironment on below backup/restore types, currenlty am getting not morethan 150Mbps. what is expected speed with above network config. NBU v...

virtual Appliance and NDMP-Backup

Dears,is it possible to execute (3-Way)NDMP-Backups with virtual Appliances?and:Where can I download an evaluationVersion of the virtual Appliance?Thank you in advance!Rudi

RRudel by Level 3
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Cartridge details Lost

Catridge details for Magazine can not be use.If it is available,there will be a "+"  let me click.... it will display all media's status.Please help me,thanks a lot.   


Resolved! NB Master and Media with different VLAN's

Good day Please advise how can i setup Netbackup Master and Media Server with multiple VLAN's, can i use VLAN tagging or can implemet a backup VLAN and allow NBU Ports to each VLAN ?what DNS entry would you prefer ?i will be having Management and Bac...

Where is the client 3.1.1

I FOUND this NetBackup Appliance Client Package 3.1.1 Release BUT The document you are seeking is no longer available...   so  how to get the client for appliance 3.1.1

Multi-stream large DB from NBU5340 to tape

Hi guys,Is known that NBU doesnt support multistream during duplication image or images from disk to tape. Multi-plex protection is supported from tape/virtual tape to tape/virtual tape. I can optimize the process of duplication by setting of buffers...

PetrHanz by Level 4
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