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Netbakup appliance SELECTION for 60TB

HiOne of the customer needs 60 TB usable capacity appliance.i have found 5240 Appliance models after 27 TB it is 53 TB - 294 ,AND in SKU prices are of just 53 TB then 103 TB then 152 TBSo can i made 60 TB usable appliance pricing as per customer requ...

inn_kam by Level 6
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MSDP manual queue processing delay

Strange issue on a replication-target appliance (5230 - v.3.1):MSDP fills up, I expire some images, and initiate a manual queue processing run.  I'm watching the storaged.log and it has been over an HOUR since I submitted the queue processing command...

elanmbx by Level 6
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Appliance Callhome

*** Moved to new post from  *** Where is it calling home to? I mean is there a URL or IP address we can restrict it to?

disable WAN Optimization due to kernel panic

we upgraded our appliances, a collection of 5230/5240s, just about 1 month ago.  since that time, we have had 3 appliances hang at a kernel panic, randomly.  support has thus far found no root cause.  they made some tuning suggesitons, which we had a...

san switch

We are having the following setup , please can you suggest which SAN switch to use for the following appliances to be connected to itNETBACKUP APPLIANCE 5230 14TB 4 1GB ETHERNET - 2 10GB ETHERNET - 2 8GB FIBRE CHANNEL STANDARD APPLIANCE NETBACKUP APP...

CP18 by Level 2
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Resolved! Managing NetBAckup Environment with NBU 5240 Appliance?

Hello Everyone I apologise in advance if this seems like basic question to many.We are planning to implement NBU in the environment with NBU appliance(5240) at two location while replicating data between two sites. I am a windows guy and NBU applianc...

Backup to Dell Tape library

The client has two netbackup appliances NetBackup 5230, one is master and another is media. They need to connect two tape drives  through Fibre Channel Switch. Now here is the grey areaboth the servers should have access to borth the tapes meaning, o...

CP18 by Level 2
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Appliance 5220 new configuration issue

Hi,We have an issue with netbackup appliance 5220 appliance configuration.It fail with an error " Failed to move the Netbackup Appliance Directory serveice to configuration partition".Attached file for reference.The following are action performed:1) ...

Jaweedaziz by Level 3
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Resolved! OpsCenter error 10939

Hi,I'm triying to add a new appliance (5240 2.7.3) to Opscenter (8.0) and when I put the credentials to add appears the next error:OpsCenter-10939:Connection to the specified NetBackup Master Server was not established. Enter the valid NetBackup user...

Arturo_Lopez by Level 5
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Uncontrollable backlog size

Hi guys,I´m experiencing a lot of problems with the backlog in my enviroment, the current size is 523082795 MB (127137 images), all slp are like this:- Backup- duplication to tape- duplication to replication appliance - replication (to remote applian...

slp1.PNG slp2.PNG slp3.PNG
AndresV by Level 6
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Unable to login 5330 Appliance media server

We are not able to login 5330 media server as root file system is full.While trying to login to clean up for space, it is giving below error.And Maintenance password is working.Can someone please advise on this how to proceede.XXXXXXXXX.Support> Main...

zeelan by Level 1
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