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Extend NBU Disk Pool procedure

Hello, Please your help, we have a NBU virtual media server appliance (5.1.1) and initially we had configure a 512GB vdisk (VMware) but now, we need to extend/expand to 1.5TB.At VMware level the vmdk has 1.5TB but at NBU level what is the procedure t...

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Resolved! Preparing for re-image

We have a 5240 appliance that Veritas Support was unable to get the SDCS intrusion policy working(we were not having to disable SDSS policy to elevate).  Currently it is running MR4.  What exactly will I need to make sure we have so that we c...

snapshot error encountered (156)

Hello everyone,I hope you are doing well!I have the same error with NetBackup 10.1, Backup of some VMware clients is failing with a snapshot error encountered(156). I would greatly appreciate any assistance or guidance you can can find th...

oracle cloud infrastructure object storage config

Hello everyone!A customer is doing backups of oracle to copilot via a 5240 appliance.Customers want to configure OCI as a PaaS to perform data recovery.Where are the guide documents?The documentation I found is

Resolved! NetBackup Storage Space Full issue

helloI have configured NetBackup AIR.DR NetBackup was forced to expire an unnecessary backup image due to insufficient capacity. The capacity should be secured as much as the size of the backup image, but it cannot be secured. The size of the backup ...

Kernel or openssl update query

helloKernel or openssl update queryAppliance 5250 NetBackup 9.1 is running, but the OS version is Linux 7.9. Is a security patch possible if a security vulnerability occurs in the current 7.9 kernel version?If there is a security vulnerability in Ope...