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after upgrade3.0 java console error

nbu applicanse 5230 ,,upgrade from to to 3.0,   on 5230,,i use bpnbaz -setupat and reboot the appliance...but java console error. the user admin  can login the java console,,but cannot use anything , Activity Monitor  ,Policies..........

Resolved! nbdeployutil in 8.1

Has anybody here ran into the deal where nbdeploy wants info such as domain, userid, passwd, domain type, etc before actually running? This info wasn't needed under 7.7.3 and we just recently upgraded some of our appliances to 3.1/8.1 and now our scr...

DPeaco by Moderator
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Resolved! 5240 Call Home failed

Dear guys,I can't understand why the call home on my appliance fail, I checked some logs unsuccesfully. We have 6 Appliance all configured at the same mode, but only this fail, below th settings:CallHome Show CallHome and Proxy Settings +-----------...

stucci by Level 6
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Veritas additional shelf

Dears,We have NBA 5230 + 36TB Shelf and its almost finished,How can we add additinal disks or should we add new shelf and what is the smallest size ?What is the best solution ?Regards

Adminz by Level 3
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Verify that backups are actually being DEDUPLICATED

My other question... how can you see if your backups are actually being DEDUPLICATED in MSDP? In my old netbackup set up I used to see where the backup files would go (through command line), see their size, expire them manually. With 5240 appliance s...

Lev5240 by Level 3
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Resolved! 5240 Appliance Hardware Installation - How To

Hello everyone,I have an easy question. Is there a video available that can show me how to install and configure the 5240 appliance hardware?I found the following video on youtube but it is for the 5230 app...

Resolved! CPU vulnerability Meltdown

Hi all,Does anyone have any information from Veritas in regards to the new CPU vulnerability, Meltdown? I'm wondering if they have released plans to patch the issue.,Caspar

NetBackup migration tool

Has anyone used NetBackup migration tool for migrating backup images from your old appliances to Netbackup appliance 5240 . We have recently purchased 5240s and they have come-up with software version 3.1. The NBU migration utility seems pretty simpl...

DPO by Level 6
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Netbackup Appliance Version

I have install and Configured Netbackup Appliance . now i want to take console but it give me error. Appliance version is 2.5 while Netbackup version is Error screenshot is already attached

NetBackup 3.1 signed certificates for web server

Has anyone been able to get "official" signed certificates implemented on their appliance?Our Security org is *insisting* that we address the self-signed certs since their scanning tool is flagging them as an issue.Has anyone had any luck getting a s...

elanmbx by Level 6
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ANOTHER 3.0 -> 3.1 Upgrade Issue!!

So I'm upgrading my 1st production master server from 3.0 -> 3.1.  5230.  Everything has seemingly completed, except it is now stuck at the "post-upgrade self-test" step in the "Veritas Appliance Install Manager" screen.I'm hesitant to try to force a...

elanmbx by Level 6
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