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Resolved! Netbackup appliance : Log Partition usage crossed 95%

 Hi all,I'm getting the following alerts from one for the netbackup appliance , this is our media serverI have enabled logging to max, now i started getting alerts that its growing and it is almost 95% full.From where can cleanup these logs in the cl...

dugga by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup Appliance 5220 upgrade

Version would like to perform an upgrade to  2.7.3 or 3.0 Kindly let me know the procedure and where to download the software.I never worked on appliance before. Please help to find the right documents if any. Master version is at, I...

dugga by Level 4
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Help needed for moving appliance

Hello All, Need your help in transitioning a small project. This is a small transition project which I thought of taking your help here :Whats movingSite A: NB master server + NB Appliance box 5230 (also a media server) is moving to Site CSite B: NB ...

Data Encryption and the best practise

Hello All,About to under take a Govenment contract with some very tight restrictions and data security and encryption demands....and rightly so!! but my question is what is the best way to back this up.Should we?1. Encrypt the data on the server stor...

Resolved! Backup data size ( amount of data backed up for a client)

 My oracle DBA asked me to check how much data was backed up for a particular client last week. Our data is being backed up to a MSDP pool in the netbackup appliance, there is no client level deduplication and these are Oracle backups.In the Netbacku...

dugga by Level 4
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5240 - Set all FC ports as Initiators

I have a brand new 5240 which has a couple FC ports configured as "Target (FTMS)" instead of "Initiator" - I want all ports to be set as "Initiator."**** Ports ****Bus ID Slot Port Port WWN Status Physical State Configuration Type Speed Remote Ports ...

elanmbx by Level 6
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NetBackup Appliance and optimized synthetic full backup

Hello experts,I'm looking for answers on the best use of synthetic/optimized synthetic backup/restore using 5240 appliance, and I appreciate your kind help.I'm planning to have the following setup using 5240 appliance. I'll backup my data to dedup po...

ehshok by Level 0
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Resolved! 5230 Physical setup help required

Hello All,I am into a transition project where 5230 is being moved physically to another Datacenter. I literally dont have any idea on these physicals and what needs to be considered for this to happen. All I worked on STUs till now in my career is E...

Messed up the AD-User Authentication

Well, it was not the most sophisticated thing when I messed up the User Authentication an a NetBackup Appliance 3.0. Here is what I did:I joined the appliance into the AD. I added single users to the appliance and granted the rights. Everything worke...

10 Gb Connection between Netbackup Appliances

Hi,I have 6 5230 Netbackup appliances and in order to improve my enviroment I decided to interconnect my appliance using 10 Gb cables, once the cables are connected I add IP address but I cant get response from the other appliance. I run:traceroute 1...

AndresV by Level 6
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5230 Appliance IPMI interface and port 8282??

Does anyone know why port 8282 is open on the *IPMI* interface of a 5230 Appliance?  I've found quite a bit of info regarding port 8282 and OpsCenter, but I'm perplexed as to why the IPMI interface on my appliances has port 8282 open.Any idea of how ...

elanmbx by Level 6
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Change password permissions denied

Hi everyone. I ´m trying to change the password for a user, however it return th message  permissions denied.  I tried ith the menu and in the command line as root without succesfull. Do you have any idea?

Accessing appliance without men default

Hi everyone.We need to run a particular script in a appliance but all the time when we connect appears the defaukt menu.Is posible avoid it?  I want an account with direct access to the shell.....not in the menu.Thanks a lot.                         ...

Appliance 5240 EEB suggested

Hi all,I just configured 9 new appliances 5240, in 2.7.3 version, please can you suggest me reccomanded EEB to install ?I finded these it is not very clear for me, which they are necessary f...

stucci by Level 6
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5240 Appliance with Secondary storage

Hi,Can i connect Netbackup Appliance 5240 4 TB with Lenovo S2200 through SAN connection to be Configured as MSDP for extended Capacity, While Lenovo Storages isn't listed in Netbackup HCL .Sami Ayman