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interfaces not balancing in bonding mode.

Hi,Few weeks ago a initialize and configure bonding in the netbackup appliance using the web console.Today I realized, after running "ifconfig" command, and doing some math the balancing is like this:eth1: 4%eth2: 8%eth3: 88%does anyone have any idea...

AndresV by Level 6
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Check Storage Shelve Serial number

**** Move to new post from   This is great, thanks.  Info in above-mentined post works for Storage shelves that were purchased with the appliance,...

Resolved! When MSDP size will update?

I have NetBackup appliance 5230. Suppose if we have available MSDP space is 4 TB and we run a full backup whose size is approx 3 TB. When this space will update in MSDP available size?I mean if the backup of 3 completed then MSDP Available size will ...

puneetd by Level 3
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Resolved! AIR between 5230 & 5240 Appliances (2 domains)

Hello,I have Appliance 5230 at my production site and there is no DR yet.we got new 5240 appliance for DR & its setup already with new master server in DR.Can anyone suggestion nice article or procedure to create AIR between above appliances??...i ha...

Dgo by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup Patching

I am set to patch our appliances for the first time.   I need to run the data collect prior to doing the upgrade.  Does Netbackup or the appliance need to be in a quiest state before I run the data collect ?

Mudabo1 by Level 3
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5230 Appliances - SSL self signed certificates

I have recently upgraded two NBU 5230 Appliances to version 3.0.  After the successful upgrade, I performed a Nessus scan against the appliances and received 3 Medium level alerts consisting of a total of 6 vulnerabilities.  They are all related to c...

Resolved! 5240 new remote installation

Hi all,I need to install the 2.7.3 Netbackup software on 2 new appliance 5240 on remote site. In my previous experience I used an usb key connected on machine, please could you suggest me alternative way to upload the software on the machine without ...

stucci by Level 6
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Hi Guys,I´m facing some performance problems with oracle san backups, sometimes the rate is 120000 Kb/s and sometimes is very slow like 50000 Kb/s. I´m attaching the oracle tab so you guys can give advice about configuration.The oracle database is ab...

AndresV by Level 6
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Resolved! Replacing 5220 appliance with windows Lenovo server

I have been trying to find anything showing what is the best windows hardware configuration to replace 5220 appliances. we have appliances ,  master (with 51Tb) and a media server (51tb) on 2.7.3 question is there any documentation showi...

Resolved! Veritas Storage Shelf Graceful Shutdown

Hi All,Recently, my clients asking is there an official document or proper procedure on how to graceful shutdown Veritas Storage Shelf after shutting down the Veritas NetBackup Appliance.I myself have gone through the documents several time based on ...

Activity monitor failed job report

Hi,I am trying to make a auto email from netbackup appliance daily basis which should contain the activity monitor output with all failed backup jobs.Please help me to accomplish this. ThanksShin

Netbackup Copilot

I am testing copilot in a test environment and I dont have knowledge about DB. i have a nbu appliance 5230 on which i created a share as per the instruction which i can see in the appliance GUI                           the second step is to mount th...

KB about increasing frequency of "processqueue"?

I can't seem to find anything about this so it probably doesn't exist publicly...but I thought I'd ask.Are there any KB's out there that describe the settings to change on a 5220 running 2.7.3 to increase the "processqueue" from twice a day to four t...

D_Flood by Level 6
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Migration from 5220 to 5240 Master/Media Appliance

I have a customer who currently has a Primary and DR site - each with a 5220 Appliance acting as a Master/Media server.We are looking to replace the Primary Site 5220 with a 5240 Appliance - and I am planning the migration process.  All images are re...

SYM-AJ by Level 5
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