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Drive Firmware for NBU 5230 Appliance 3.0

Looking for drive firmware and driver for appliance software version 3.0.  During the upgrade, I was prompted with a message that stated the firmware should be updated according to however, the ...

Resolved! AIX 7.1 TL3 Restore

Dear Alli have netbackup appliance 5230 " 2.7.3" and h need to remove one of my system " AIX 7.1TL3 " in another HW so i take BMR backup for required server and i make discovery task for new HW but once i try make map for datavg i have this errror th...

How to Upgrade from 2.5.4 to 3.0

Hi All,We have netbackup appliance 5220 with running 2.5.4 V. We wanted to upgrade to 3.0 V. Please advise me what are the steps. I just gone through the sort veritas site, but I am unable to capture where to start and end. 

rova_nbu by Level 4
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Resolved! AIX Dissimilar hardware BMR restore failed

Dear Alli am trying to restore BMR " AIX 7.1" Master Server " Netbackup appliance 5230 version 2.7.3"i made prepare to discovey to take all configuration from the new hardaware " i am sure that the new Server has more harddisk space than the original...

NBU 5240 - AIR and DR approach

Hello Scenario is as follows:In site A is NBU 5240 appliance with MSDP configured making its own NBU doamin. All backups are AIRed to remote central site (DR site) by leveraging SLPs.Site A goes down, data recovery is needed and NBU appliance there c...

quebek by Moderator
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Copilot with Exadata ?

Hi Team,Can anyone confirm if Copilot is supported with Exadata ? I liked the approach but I can't find any references that it's supported with Exadata / Oracle Appliance Databases.

Marin1 by Level 0
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add Network Storage to Netbackup Appliance

Hi All I have Netbackup Appliance 5230 and i need to add  Network Storage Drive to take Catalog Backup in another place outside the Appliance ,so  i want to use one of Client in my enviroment " windows server 2012" it is not media server and it is ju...

Resolved! 5220 Appliance - Uptime

I have 2 netbackup 5220 appliance with version uptime for my appliance is 395 days and 207 days.How frequent do we need to reboot the appliance.Which all services needs to be stopped while rebooting the appliance, Is there any KB article o...

dugga by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup appliance : Log Partition usage crossed 95%

 Hi all,I'm getting the following alerts from one for the netbackup appliance , this is our media serverI have enabled logging to max, now i started getting alerts that its growing and it is almost 95% full.From where can cleanup these logs in the cl...

dugga by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup Appliance 5220 upgrade

Version would like to perform an upgrade to  2.7.3 or 3.0 Kindly let me know the procedure and where to download the software.I never worked on appliance before. Please help to find the right documents if any. Master version is at, I...

dugga by Level 4
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Help needed for moving appliance

Hello All, Need your help in transitioning a small project. This is a small transition project which I thought of taking your help here :Whats movingSite A: NB master server + NB Appliance box 5230 (also a media server) is moving to Site CSite B: NB ...