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Zoning Aix to Netbackup 5230

Hi guys, I just create a zone between AIX (LPAR), 5230 appliance and a storage  like this   As you can the AIX server has two FC adapter each one belongs to a zone,but sometimes I lose visibility from netbackup so I have to go to the client and ru...

AndresV by Level 6
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How to zone Vmware Datastore LUN to Backup Host

Dear Experts Master Server : Windows Media Server ( acting as appliance 5230 as well) : Linux Storage : Hitachi HUS Array Vmware backup failing with status 23 ( policy set to use SAN transport mode). I have gone through few good articles  , but I...

AlBahr by Level 2
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Resolved! upgradestatus message "stuck"?

Okay, true confessions time.  I still have a 5200 in production at our DR site. Can't upgrade it to 2.7.x, but I thought I'd hit so I could put the security hotfix on. Upgrade failed - no mystery - a space issue.  Clearing out space, suppor...

Netbackup appliance Expansion unit not detected

We have just insatalled a 100 TB 5230 appliance and we are facing a severe  issue.   our appliacne is showing only the base unit storage . no expension unit storage is visisble we have 3 expansion unit our appliance version is 2.7.2 we have powe...

Resolved! REplication between Veritas appliance and HP

Hi guys,   My enviroment in principal site is Master server: Windows 2012 and media server is 5230 appliance we are planning a disaster recovery site but I need to use a HP store once (as media server) my master server will be again windows 2012 so...

AndresV by Level 6
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Is there a way to monitor the health of the 5230 appliance?

in NetBackup 52xx and 5330 Appliance SNMP Trap Reference Guide - 2.7.1 Appendix A "Note: Although the MIB file includes software traps, they are not used. NetBackup Appliance does not currently send any software traps." Since the 52xx appliances do...

effiko by Level 4
Partner Certified
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Resolved! Cleanly remove appliance from NBU domain

Hello, I need help to cleanly remove 5230 appliance configured as a media server from NBU domain. Currently we have Windows based master server and 2 5230s as  media servers. One of the appliances is being used for backups and the other one strictl...

ira1983 by Level 2
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How to check the Backup Throughput and Performace.

How to check the Backup Throughput and Performace. Master Server : OS - LINUX_RH_X86 NBU Version - Media Server  OS - Linux NBU Appliance 5230 NBU Appliance Version is   Current speed : 150 GB/Hour

Vickie by Level 6
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Exchange backup takes too much time

Hi guys, I have a question... My DAG enviroment is composed by three servers every node is a virtual server (VMWARE), but disks where databases (29 databases = 800 GB) are on LUMs. Netbackup enviroment: Master server is Windows 2012 and media serv...

AndresV by Level 6
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Monitor tapes I/O in NB Appliance

Hi,   Is there any way to get some I/O statistics of the FC tapes connected to a NB appliance.  Networker can monitor the tapes I/O during the backups, but I could not find any solution in NB Appliance. It does not show any FC tapes in iostat etc...

ilap by Level 3
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Resolved! 5230 - Command line to scan for new fibrechannel devices

So I was informed today by one of my storage admins that they are almost continually adding new LUNs for VMware.  And they are not always quick to pass along the information to the backup team. So I was wondering - does anyone currently simply autom...

elanmbx by Level 6
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Please assist clear some space

Hi Please assist clear some space on below paths.   /dev/vx/dsk/nbuapp/2pdvol  3.9T  3.6T  313G  93% /msdp/data/dp1/2pdvol /dev/vx/dsk/nbuapp/1pdvol   20T   18T  1.6T  93% /msdp/data/dp1/1pdvol