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Resolved! Netbackup appliance 5230 & Fibre Channel Autonegotiation

HI, I have deployed a 5230 appliance with release. During the configuration of FibreTransport media server, I had several issues with the link between SAN Switch (Brocade 16Gb FABOS 7.3.0c ) and  the target ports on the appliance (port 1 on ...

f_buirey by Level 3
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Resolved! Netbackup enterprise server AIX FLAT file backup

Dear All,   my enviroment    netbackup appliance 5220  aix 6.1    we have application named Autoline ADP which is used for BMW car inventory system that application has only flat file system    task   need to backup and restore the flat f...

syedzeeshan by Level 5
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Resolved! Admin console for 5230 master

I have a 5230 (2.6.1) master running in our DR location.  It is primarily used for AIR jobs from i primary DC but is used to backup a few machines here and there in the DR facility.   Apparently i have not tried to connect to it in some time throug...

Resolved! please provide link for dowbnload veritas software

Hi,   I want to download software veritas netbackup appliance new version. in the past download via Symantec file connect and now i don't saw new version of netbackup appliance software. I want to know new www for download veritas software.   t...

Resolved! How to migrate backups between MSDP's

Hello people. I have a domain with two MSDP but a MSDP this with 89% in use and another 35% in use and I have backups with one-year retention. In this case, I wonder what is the best practice to migrate a backup between MSDP? I need to reduce a us...

rfmonteiro by Level 3
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Resolved! Netbackup Licensing Guide

Hi everyone, I have 26 clients windows physicals, 2 VMware and 16 BD SQL inside of this VMware, with 20 TB for backup.....just that dont find a guide full licencing of Netbackup, i need know the difference of Agent vs Capacity, and know how the appl...

Asael by Not applicable
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Resolved! netbackup appliance connection with tape library

dear ali   i have netbackup appliance 5220 connected with fibra channel and lan ports   need to connect the tape library IBM TS3200 Tape Library with it   how to proceed with it  ,is there SAS port available on nbu appliance  please advice   ...

syedzeeshan by Level 5
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Resolved! how to configure nbu appliance catalog backup

Hi,   1. I would like to know how to configure nbu appliance catalog backup.  specify path for keep catalog?  2.  and incase of catalog backup between site?      HQ > master server is windows and branch master server is nbu appliance. how to con...

Resolved! Regarding Appliance Health Check

Hi All,   Is there any way we can configure appliance health report in hourly basis , I like to know how can I configure the report which send the appliance health status in 24 hours .   I am not looking for sending email when any parts get fault...

RohitNayal by Level 5
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Resolved! MSDP Images dependence

How to discover images dependence in MSDP ? I want to delete a large image but I dont know if my MSDP will reclaim a space enough. It would be interesting if there was a tool to inform the dependencies of an image.

rfmonteiro by Level 3
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Resolved! Master server changed on NBU 5220

Hi, NBU 5220 appliance was refering to master server "Master1", I am not sure how it happened, but it is not refering to itself "NBU1". May I know how did this happened! what can I do to connect it to the master server "Master1"?   Thanks,

Resolved! "call home" can not connect to symantec

Hi all I have a question "call home" can not connect to symantec NBU appliance version 2.6.1 - error in the web console "Failedto access the symantec support website check your network connections and try downloading the software update again" tha...

Resolved! AIR with dissimilar Netbackup Appliance configurations

Hello Experts, Just wanted to know if AIR between 5230 and 5220 would work properly. Does anyone have any working configuration. What can be the performance implications if we do it this way? I understand that theoratically if the Netbackup version...

Resolved! Netbackup BMR Question

We have a replicated setup between 2 x 5220 appliances (SW version 2.6) – all I would like to know is if I turn on BMR support on our primary appliance, do I need to turn this support on the secondary unit?

Resolved! Firmware & BIOS levels NBU 5230 Appliances

Hi, We are running several NBU 5230 Appliances (Current version From support we have heard that our (RAID) firmware and BIOS levels are not current. My questions: What RAID firmware should we be running?What BIOS level should the 5230 un...