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Resolved! NetBackup Appliance hangs then shuts down

Hi troops, IHAC who found one of the two 5220 appliance turned off twice and he had to power it off from the display since IMPI was not responfing either. They opened a case with Symantec but since in the logs there was nothing relevant, Su...

Resolved! bprestore virtual machine

Hello. i need a script for restore a virtual machine using bprestore with a different name. i need an automatic restore with cron in appliance. somebody has a script for run this? Thanks.  

Resolved! Appliance software Trap fail

Hi, Recently added and configured de SNMP Traps on the appliance and all hardware test were OK. The only problem is the software trap that i don't receive anything. I Stopped all process on Appliance and didn't appear any trap. I have Launched a Ba...

Arturo_Lopez by Level 5
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Slow Duplication and Replication Issue

Hi All,  This is to share with you the Long pending issue which we faced in our environment for 6 months . Our Duplication Jobs started running slow and we started seeing backlog of Duplication jobs building up on daily basis which went up to 500 TB...

Sheik_Riz by Not applicable
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Resolved! Unable to download patches

Hi, We have a 5230 running and are trying to install more recent patches on it. The first available patch is SYMC_NBAPP_update- When we check the DownloadProgress, it says its stopped. Any ideas why this would be so? Th...

Fozzie by Level 1
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Resolved! "clean up work in post-upgrade"

Hi there, I've got a netbackup appliance 5230 software version I wanted to migrate it to but I realized there is a "clean up work in post-upgrade" since I updated it time ago and I can't download the new version. I tried to cancel i...

Resolved! SLP for replication at DR, verify content

Hello all I have SLP configured to replicate DC backups on DR appliance,Now i want to verify the backups replicated on DR site appliance. need help , ehich command will show me the required output . like: backup policy, date , client , data select...

NBU Appliances with NBU 7.7 clients

Quick question to all What do you reckon, is backing up NBU 7.7 clients with current up to date NBU appliances (IIRC) supported? I thought there was a leeway with support when client could be higher version than the media server although it...

Mouse by Moderator
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Resolved! Re-Image Netbackup Appliance 5230

Hi All ,   I have Netbackup Appliance 5230 , i need to recover it by using USB but the original usb that came with the appliance is missing  also the raid of server has been rebuild so there is no image currently running on . could you please Me...

Resolved! NB7.6.0.3 restore to different location issue

Hi. Evnironment: MasterServer: Linux SLES11 RemoteConsoleServer: Windows 2008R2 (virtual machine) - is use for manage environment, backup polices, etc MediaServers & Storage: 2x NetBacakup Appliance 5230  NetBackup ver is installd on all ...