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Resolved! Unable to configure an Appliance - 5230

I have been involved in a task to move backups to Netbackup Appliances in our estate. For the first time I am seeing a very strange problem which is stopping me to configure a media server to a master server.   The errors is : Appliance> Media x ...

Backup jobs slow

Hello All, master win 2008, NBU, 2 NBU 5220 appliance version 2.5.3 - one in each data center, AIR enabled via SLP. nbapp1 in DC1 take backup(primary copy) and replicates to nbapp2 in DC2(copy2), then nbapp1 makes tape copy(copy 3) from pri...

rookie11 by Moderator
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MSDP consuming space faster after upgrade to

Hi All, We have had two appliances with and it was working well. Now to fix some issues like slow hydration and dehydration we were asked by Symantec to upgrade to after which we had nighmares where almost all backups started failing...

Resolved! NBU Appliance 5220 compatibility

Hi All,   as we have requirement to attach Tape drive lto 6  of hp   model “HPLTO-6-ULKTRIUM 6250 SAS EXTERNAL TAPE DRVIE ” with netbackup appliance 5220   interface 6Gb/s Dual Port SAS interface It can be attached and used with appliance 522...

syedzeeshan by Level 5
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Resolved! Migrating tape libraries to new appliance?

I have to decommission my old 5200 which has been hosting two tape libraries used only for monthly tape jobs.  I'm moving the libraries to a new 5230 but was curouse what this means for the archived monthly tapes.  If i try and do a restore from one...

Resolved! media server dedup pools?

Im trying to add in a new 5230 appliance as a media server to my environment and im stuck at figuring out what type of storage pool to choose.  i already have a 5200 in place that i have been using for almost 5 years and it setup as puredisk ...

Resolved! SAN Client doesn't use FC to backup to 5230 Appliance

Hello everybody, I wanted to thank you in advance for any help or clarification. We just zoned one SAN client to a new 5230 appliance. After zoning was done, we did the following: - Enable SAN Client Fibre Transport on the Media Server [use FT for ...

Frank_R by Level 3
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Resolved! Log location

I have a 5220 master running   What is the actual location of the Log share "NBU\Netbackup folder? I want to copy files in there so I can look at them on my windows desktop.    thanks Pat

PD001 by Level 5
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Resolved! Netbackup appliance setup

Hello Team, How Netbackup appliance setup is done mainly in terms of stgunit , can some body can define it and once defined what is the best practise in routing data in diff stg unit   Regards Adivya Singh  

adivya1 by Level 3
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Anyone upgraded 52xx appliance to ?

Hi, We need to update our 5220/5230 appliances from to (to fix a compatibility issue between NB and EV 11). I'm just gathering information before attempting the update, so -- has anyone done this update? Any issues/problems? Or did...

CED2032 by Level 2
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Resolved! Master Server cold stand-by on NetBackup Appliance

I need some advise please on the follow requirement guys; We bought two 5220 appliances from Symantec last year with an intention to use as active/stand-by Master servers by avoiding single point of failure for the NBU Master server. We call them Ap...

Itegral by Level 6
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Resolved! rehydration is slow from msdp(5230) to sl500 RL

Hello Friends, I need yr help to fix the issue. I am having netbackup in guc cluster. ON Main site there are 3 media servers  1) Main media1 - windows vwware host 2)Main media 2 - 5220 appliance 3) Main media 3 - 5230 apliance The same setup on...

t_jadliwala by Level 4
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Resolved! NBU appliance cannot detect overland tape library and robots

Hello All NBU appliance 5220 at version 2.5 NBU 7.5.  zoning is all done at switch level. aliases created as per WWN. zones created for robot , tape drives and appliance HBA. But NBU appliance unable to detect overland tape library and robots. Sca...

rookie11 by Moderator
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