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Resolved! Dell EMC ML3 Tape Library

Hi,We want to buy the dell emc ML3 tape library but I can not find on the veritas website if this library is supported by veritas.We have a Flex 5250, does anybody know if we can use this tape library.Thank you.

Resolved! The user does not have RBAC permissions for NetBackup

Hello Netbackup gurus,please, could you advice me how to add RBAC permission for the user in Netbackup Appliance Unfortunately, I am not able to log into  Web UI because access was lost after the upgrade from Netbackup 8.2 to Moreove...

JimmyB2 by Level 4
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How to back up DB2 archives

How to back up DB2 archivesnetbackup 9.1ClientOS: Aix[Reference URL] setup process has been uploaded as a pdf.Please make sure I understand well how to ...

How to shutdown bpps on windows server

An attempt is made to shut down Net Backup related services on the server not targeted for backup. I did bpdown -f on Windows Server, but bpps does not shut down. How to exit?And is there a way to shut down port 1556??Even after taskkill and reboot, ...

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MSDP 5240 Getting full

Dear All,We are using MSDP 5240 appliance with version. Recently its noted that its reaching almost 95% usage. When i run query on catalog i see  i have last one month images it. as per our policy. I am confused as to whats eatiing up the sto...

ayaz by Level 1
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I want to implement a bare metal restore from my backups to microsoft hyper v virtual . I'll explain the scenerio below:I have a physical server and a netbackup appliance. I will be backing up my physical server on my netbackup appliance. i will like...

Replication query

Good day,I was wondering if you could assist in my query. We have essentially shifted and in the process from no longer backing up to our Data Domains. With regards to replications I would determine from our Data Domain how long a particular replicat...

CyberArk plugin for NetBackup Appliance available

CyberArk Central Policy Manager (CPM) Plugin for NetBackup Appliance versions 3.3.0.x - 4.x is available in CyberArk Marketplace The plugin supports password verification and change for the built-in "admin" and "maintenance" users along with verifica...

sagrawal by Level 5
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Deduplication ( Used Capacity )

Hi there.Question about the value in column "Used Capacity" under "NetBackup Adimistration Console (8.1.1) / Media and Device Management / Devices / Disk Pools" :Is this value the capacity which is used after deduplication and if how to determine the...

ps14 by Level 3
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appliance alarm

Hello, Please , i need your helpThere was a power outage, and just after the 5230 appliance started beeping,while searching I understood that it is a problem of disk missing,right now i just want to stop the beeps,I tried the following command but it...