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Resolved! Add LDAP authentication for 5230 appliance

hi all, Using NBU 5230 appliance as master server, version I have read the admin guide on how to add the LDAP config. I would like to join the appliance to our AD server. I am not sure on the format to input to which field, any example ple...

Resolved! Check VMware SAN disk on appliance

Hi all, Currently using Appliance 5230 as master server. Version May I know how to check the VMware datastore SAN disk presented to NBU appliance 5230? If I added a new datastore disk to appliance, do I need to do a scan at appliance in o...

Why Symantec....why

So I've gone to now that Heartbleed has been addressed.  Why has root been taken away?  I know how to get it back but taking away root is like selling me a car then not letting me drive it.  As a former UNIX admin, I only run NBU on UNIX plat...

Resolved! Can I duplicate image on 5200 to tape?

We have two appliances in two domains. We replicate images from the primary to the secondary with AIR, using SLP's. Works fine, except we're running out of space on the target (secondary - our 5200). So we added a tape library to the 5200. Device is...

Resolved! Deduplication Query.

I was going through netbackup appliance dedupe and dd dedupe....but i am not able to understand the difference Especially what they called as SISL...can some one explain this.

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NetBackup Appliances is now available!

(crossposted from the Netting Out NetBackup blog) I’m extremely happy to announce that NetBackup Appliances is now Generally Available! NetBackup is the latest update for NetBackup 52xx Appliances and the equivalent Appliance pat...

CRZ by Level 6
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Resolved! AIR Replication not working

Hi All, I have had NBU set up that uses AIR from site A to site C and site B to site C. These are all 5230 appliances. Site A to C works fine (5 appliances). Site B to C seems (2 appliances our of 5) seem to have stopped working since site C was reb...

lt13624 by Level 4
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Vaulting confused me.. please help

Hi all, I am new to netbackup and recently I am implementing a 5230 appliance running at   I am a bit confused with the "vaulting" feature. Pleas help. Background: daily and weekly backup to MSDP. every week after a full backup to MSDP, ...

Resolved! Seeking help for a new configuration..

Hello All,   We have recently introduced a new setup of 5230Appliance in our environment and now in the process of setting up backup clients on it. There are a Set of servers whose data is exceeding TB,s and we are planning to set these servers as ...

Resolved! 5220 Limits

I have a 5220 ver 2.5.3 running Netbackup I want to know of there is a way I can monitor my appliance to know if I am reaching limits with it in regards to amount of policys run at one time. I run into jobs running that fail and have been tr...

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Resolved! SAN client with 5230 appliance

Hi everyone, I want to setup SAN client on a standalone wintel server to backup to 5230 appliance through SAN. I have already connect port 1 of slot 5/6 (target mode) of fiber card to the SAN switches, and enabled FTMS on appliance. Q1, For the st...

Exchange server GRT restore issue

Hi, I have Netbackup 7.5 and Exchange 2010 backup with GRT enabled. GRT backup was completed successfully, but while try to search individual mail for restore, it is failing with ERROR: database system error Anyone help me on this issue.

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Resolved! NBU appliance user management

Hi all, I am new to netbackup.. and this is my first time to work with NBU and NBU appliance 5230 Version of appliance, running as master server   After logging in the web GUI of appliance, to settings -> Authentication -> User Management...

Resolved! Appliances and zoning up basic disk from a san.

I have 5230s fully populated with 64 TB of Dedupe.  I have picky DBAs that do their own backup files of SQL.  Obviously backup sql backup files to a dedup pool makes no sense.   I have loads of san storage laying around. And the company wants NBU to...

Resolved! NBU appliance backup notification change sender email

Hello everyone,   I have setup an appliance 5230 recently, with server send mail configured under universal settings. But the sender is root@linux.local, which I would like to change it to <hostname>@<domain>.com Can anyone advise how to do so? ...

jeorainc by Level 4
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Resolved! NBU appliance 5230 got 3 partitions

Need help on the appliance paritioning . I have managed to configure the box as netbackup master server via the IE gui . when i do a check on the disk partition , i found that the 4 TB storage has been divided to below. MSDP - 2.4 TB , ADv Disk - ...

demo4119 by Level 6
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