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Resolved! AIR replication between different NBU releases

Hello there, Can I perform AIR replication between 2 Netbackup release? I am going to be upgrading my both appliances soon but the upgrade will be spread out between 3-4 weeks. Can I have one appliance on and other on 2.5.2 performing AIR r...

ESM_Admin by Level 4
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Resolved! MTBF NetBackup Appliances

Hi,   I need a Reliability information about NetBackup Appliances product in order to realize a Safety analysis and, I didn’t find it in the datasheet.   Please, do you know the MTBF value (Mean Time Between Failures) for a NetBackup Appliances p...

Resolved! SAN based tape drive on 5200

Wish to fibre-channel attach tape library (HP MSL 4048) to 5200 appliance, software level 2.5.3, NetBackup Found this for 5220, is it a...

Resolved! appliance 5220 as a master/media server configuration failed

hi, i am trying to configure the appliance i start its wizard via web UI. when i select the appliance as a master server it is failed. for your reference i attached the screenshot. in second screenshot when i click here wording  it will move me agai...

mnakhan by Level 5
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Netbackup machine name or FQDN

Netbackup has been setup with using FQDN Bp.conf displays machine name in server list and for emmserver entry nbemmcmd -listhost -verbose displays FQDN with machine name. When a client resolves masterserver name what should it use? What should DN...

NavGee by Level 5
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SAN Client Cluster Name using LAN to backup

My Environment : Master Server Windows 2012 NetBackup Master Media Server NetBackup Appliance 5230  NetBackup 2.6.1 Client AIX 6.1 TL8 NetBackup client I just install 2 x client and enable SAN as transport. i create pol...

Resolved! Netbackup Appliance support for VLAN Tagging?

Hi, Let me know if you have any information that support this statment. We are trying to create a BIG (10GbE) pipe (4 Interfaces) conecting the appliance to a cisco NEXUS in a customer data center, the customer has so many VLAN's an they were asking...

Gonzalo_Gomez by Level 2
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Resolved! Netbackup accelerator vs netbackup dedupe

folks, here is a scenario i m confused about. do not have valid answer to take it up with management. NBU master n media servers at 7.5 .I have 4 NBU appliances all NBU 5220(version 2.5.1,acting as media server). their total capacity is almost reac...

rookie11 by Moderator
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Resolved! AIR between Win Masters with each NB5230

Established trust between win masters, ok. Cannot specify replication to remote master in SLP before added target storage server under replication  (Credetials Storage serveres). Selecting remote master and storage-server ( appliance...

Even by Level 5
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Deduplication perferences

Looking for view on the below 5220 Appliance 4x 1GB bond what are the effect of each setting Always use client side deduplication Prefered to use client side duplication ( whats does this suggest) Is it suggesting client side first, then media se...

NavGee by Level 5
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Resolved! Re: OpsCenter

OpsCenter Analytics can manage multiple Netbackup domains I'm assuming they have to be all be the same version, Is my assumption be correct.

NavGee by Level 5
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Mounting LUN on netbackup appliance (5230)

Hello all My customer would like to mount a NTFS LUN into the appliance, so he can backup from storage through san, without lan interpolation. I couldn't find any reference that could acknowledge or disacknowledge that it is allowed\supported\not w...

ehudb36 by Level 3
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Resolved! What are common customer topics with NetBackup Appliances?

So, this isn't a specific problem or question. I am a Symantec course developer (primarily for NetBackup courses). We have various venues for gathering information through Product Management, System Engineers, Instructors, Customers, etc., but wanted...

TomerG by Level 6
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Resolved! Additional Shelf Required

Hi All, We have a scenario where addtioanl storage shelf is required. The customer has 2 appliances SYMC NETBACKUP 5020 APPLIANCE 32TB WITH 6 1GB ETHERNET SUPPORT 4HR INITIAL 36 MONTH. He want to upgrade with additional (20TB minimum) storage, Can...

Resolved! Restore Files Incrementals

Hello to all ...  I have a Netbackup Appliance 5220 and came across a situation that never occurred to me.  I have backups of VMware Snapshots I do weekly full and monthly full. Monday to Saturday only incremental.  Restores all I needed was yet a...