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Resolved! How to use RBAC migrate script

Hello,after the Netbackup Appliance upgrade my RBAC users are not able to login to the WEB UI. The solution is to run migrate RBAC perl script. My question is, where should be the script executed from or where should be moved this command - to which ...

JimmyB2 by Level 4
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NetBackup deployment 9.1

Hi Everyone,I am going to create a NetBackup environment I have some questions :1. Is there any preference for a Physical server vs a VM? (For media, master)2. What are the minimum specs required for a Master server and media?? (Enterprise environmen...

I have a question regarding lto robot.

If the left magazine of the LTO equipment currently in use is old and a large amount of TAPE is loaded, machine errors continue to occur.* Currently LTO equipment is loaded with 40 TAPEs.Accordingly, I wonder if there is a priority setting for the ri...

netbackup appliance 5230 OS 2.7.3

Hello,I need some advice. Currently we have an old nebackup appliance 5230 OS 2.7.3 having three disk shelves. Each of these disk shelves have same type of disks - 3TB disks and each of the disk shelves have a global spare disk. The RAID group is RAI...

Resolved! sysadmin user

We are trying to upgrade our netbackup appliance from 3.1.2 to 4.1 and I have ran the Readiness Analyzer to make sure we are ready.  One of the steps it is requiring is to change the default password on some of the accounts.  One account it is reques...

Reporte de polticas

Buenas tardes estimados Tengo la necesidad de un reporte de las polticas de Veritas con los siguientes datos:Policy NamePolicy typeClient NameScheduleDesde el opscenter lo genera a nivel de jobs y aparecen varios datos duplicados.

MSDP & AdvancedDisk Questions

MSDP & AdvancedDisk QuestionsStorage type MSDP & AdvancedDisk backup test. Command bpexpdate -backupid <backup-id> -d 0 Deleted all backup files. However, AdvancedDisk was initialized, but MSDP was not initialized. Is there a way to reset the utiliza...


Netbackup Appliance Upgrade Workaround

Hi there,my task is going to prepare and perform Netbackup Appliance upgrade from 3.2 to 4.1 and to be honest I am a little bit scary, because the procedure seems to be quit complex and I have never been upgrading NB appliance so far.Firstly, I am no...

JimmyB2 by Level 4
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problem add cloud storage EMC ECS S3 bucket

Hi, i have a problem with S3 bucket with EMC-ECS trying uncheck ssl and revoke certificate, but dont work, failed all times when try adding this storage cloud.Netbackup 9.1 applianceAny suggestion?

peta123 by Level 1
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