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Resolved! backups failing with error code 48

Hi All, i am having an unusual problem from a specific media server which hosts disks. 1. the server I am trying to backup, the host name is not pinging, but IP is 2. while doing nslookup, both forward and reverse lookups are successful 3. while runn...

anishC5 by Level 5
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Resolved! Upgrade 5220 in factory installed state

Hi, I'm trying to upgrade an appliance 5220, in 2.5.1 release, to 2.5.3. During process, checks fails with Netbackup test. Obviously, upgrade process stop. So, I've checked software status and my appliance is "Factory Installed State". It's new appli...

AntBar by Level 5
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Resolved! 2.5.3 Upgrade on 5220's

Hi, We've upgraded quiet afew 5220's to 2.5.3 in the last week and have noticed an issue with the BBU status.  All upgrades completed fine and appliances have been re-started several times, backup are working, however when running Monitor>Hardware Ad...

DMF-UK by Level 3
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Max Concurrent Job setting

I'm trying to find the optimal setting for my 5220's Max Concurrent Job setting for my diskpool, which is 2 shelf units with 72GB of space. Is there a way to monitor the box while making changes to this setting so I can tell if it is being over utili...

PD001 by Level 5
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Resolved! Command Line Administration of netbackup appliance

Hi All,   I am new to netbackup appliances, and face issue while day to day monitoring, like if want to run any command eg : bpimagelist etc.... i am not sure where to go and run them. the command line is totally different. I search some appliance ...

Resolved! Backup host for VMware and NDMP backups

I just upgraded my 5220 master/media server appliance to 2.5.3.  I need to begin backing up some VMware hosts.  I also need to configure a host to do NDMP backups.  Can I use one server to do both?  And what kind of hardware requirements would I need...

Resolved! AIR Replication Jobs are getting queued.

  We are experiencing a huge AIR replication job queue over the last two weeks and also many active jobs are running very slow. Also observed few of the oldest replications are failing with error code 227.My questions are ...   1.Is there any way we ...

Tanmoy1 by Level 4
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Patch 2.5.3 installation keeps failing

I have an appliance and tried applying the 2.5.3 ( equivalent) patch and it keeps failing because the Disk Pool name isn't what is expected.   Why hardcode a name for the disk pool in the patch and not force that name to be used when the appli...

Netbackup functionality queries

Does Netbackup do following functions........... (Appliance would be the latest. now a days its 5230) a. Netbackup do Integrity Check ? b. SNMP Support ? c. Event Base backups ?  


I need to perform an oracle cloned restore from OPSCENTER. I added the ORACLE_METADATA=YES entry in the bp.conf of the oracle user;s home directory. Now when I run a backup the backup successds but the DARS DATABASE UPDATE fails with the following: E...

garnie71 by Level 1
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Resolved! Accelerator not activated on 5220 appliances

Hello, I am having an issue using Accelerator on all of our backup policies in our NetBackup environment. We are running on Windows Server 2008 with 1 master server, 1 media server, and 3 NetBackup 5220 disk appliances. I receive a few differ...