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Resolved! NB Master and Media with different VLAN's

Good day Please advise how can i setup Netbackup Master and Media Server with multiple VLAN's, can i use VLAN tagging or can implemet a backup VLAN and allow NBU Ports to each VLAN ?what DNS entry would you prefer ?i will be having Management and Bac...

Where is the client 3.1.1

I FOUND this NetBackup Appliance Client Package 3.1.1 Release BUT The document you are seeking is no longer available...   so  how to get the client for appliance 3.1.1

Multi-stream large DB from NBU5340 to tape

Hi guys,Is known that NBU doesnt support multistream during duplication image or images from disk to tape. Multi-plex protection is supported from tape/virtual tape to tape/virtual tape. I can optimize the process of duplication by setting of buffers...

PetrHanz by Level 4
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Resolved! NetBackup Virtual Appliance License

Hello Team,                        I have Vmware in my environemnt and about 25TB of data. i am thinking of using Netbackup Virtual appliance instead of NBU physical appliance. It will be acting as Master & Media Server. The question I have do I need...

Storage problem Appliance 3.0

Dear all,We are having some problem with our Netbackup Appliance 5230.Many of the backups jobs are failing with the errors:1: (84) media write error2: (129) Disk storage unit is fullWhen we check the appliance web console in the home page I see:Stora...

jgreyna by Level 2
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5230 Master Console

Is it possible to login to a 5230 Master server console using AD credentails? I'm not asking about the appliance web portal - master server consoleIf yes, how do I set this up please?

dunno by Level 4
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VMWare Backup from SAN with HITACHI VSP G600

Hi,Netbackup v8.0 with Veritas Appliance 5240,  2 Hitachi VSP G600 GAD replicationI have a problem with the backup from SAN in VMWare.I have a zone create between Veritas Appliance 5240 initiator ports and Hitachi VSP G600 ports where it is datastore...

admsd by Level 3
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Resolved! variable length dedup on appliances

Hello, I am struggling to find out if Appliances 3.1.1 and higher can engage variable-length deduplication, as it is possible on traditional MSDP servers since 8.1.1. Regards Michal

Michal_Mikulik1 by Level 6
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NBU Appliance 5330 FC HBA

Hi,i have an 5330 Appliance 2.7.3  on Linux 2.6.32-504.30.3.el6.x86_64. I can see wwpn Appliance side but, the WWN configured as Target /FTMS) they not appear on OS Linux side. Why?**** Ports ****Bus ID Slot Port Port WWN Status Physical State Config...