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Upgrading NetBackup 5200 without USB image

Hi Guys,   Just a quick note on how to upgrade NBU 5200 from the ISO image located on the HDD of your workstation. Please note that this procedure can be only used for the brand new, unconfigured 5200. The procedure reimages the box :)   1.       Con...

Resolved! 5200 replication

I need to see if any one has documentation on how to replicate data from one 5200 to another. My environment is 7.0.1 but i will be upgrading in the next few days to 7.1. i wouldnt think that would make a difference but you never know.

Stanleyj by Level 6
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NB5200 media server version

All our environment is 7.1 however the new NB5200 appliance version is listed as In the support page ( latest patch level is for NB5200. Version on the appliance i...

dedupe by Level 3
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Resolved! NetBackup 7 and PDDO

Hi guys,   Just looking for clarification that I have understood this correctly:  I have a Netbackup 5000 appliance that I want to use as a disk pool in my current Netbackup 7 environment. I have read through the NBU PureDisk Deduplication Option Gui...

Sean_C_ by Level 3
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NBU Appliance and Oracle RMAN

Hi- Has anyone tested RMAN incremental backups using the NBU Oracle Agent going to the backup appliance? Do you lose or gain anything with the deduplication? If the RMAN database backup is already compressed of deduplicated, can the appliance deal wi...

Resolved! Browsing the appliance

Is there a way to browse the appliance to see whats on it? Or is there a way to run a report to see what images are actually on the appliance. I would like to monitor it to makes sure images are expiring and being removed.

5200 Reporting/Boot issues

Has any one had any issue with the 5200 quiting to report any data and then having problems with it booting? A few days ago i noticed that opscenter was showing inaccurate information for my media but for some reason was showing it correct in the ad...

N5000 (or PureDisk) How to revert eth1 to dhcp?

Hi, I'm playing with a Netbackup5000 appliance (N5000) and would like to revert the eth1 card to DHCP. I have tried many commands like : config dhcp enable eth1 (eth1 was initially configured as static using address). but each time ...

Altimate1 by Level 6
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Resolved! Version 9.0.1 - Storage Expiry Delete & Recovery

All I am reading is that no recovery is allowed after a "Storage Expiry" run. Is that correct? Can we minimize impact and recover a portion somehow and then ingest as a PST? Client is using Backup Exec and has a successful backup of the entire enviro...

NetBackup PureDisk Virtual Appliance...anybody get this working?

Hi,   I've downloaded the virtual appliance on the link below from the VMware site. Downloads fine, but trying to get the 5 large files linked is a mission! Has anybody else managed to get this right?

CraigV by Moderator
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Which license with N5200?

Hi all, it's not clear which NetBackup licenses come with the N5200 appliance. It there only the "server" one? Which kind of server? Standard, enterprise? Has any other license to be separetely acquired? Thanks

Resolved! NBU Appliance 5200 backup client failed with error 48

I have configured the NBU appln 5200 as media server deduplication and only able to backup from media server to the remote appliance diskpool . But when configure the media server to backup the netbackup client agent to the appliance puredisk it will...

demo4119 by Level 6
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Resolved! Optimized Duplication?

Just wondering if anyone knows if the 5200 provides duplication of the deduped data between other 5200's (a.k.a. optimized duplication).


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Turls by Level 6
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