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Resolved! Licensing module about Netbackup Flex Scale

Could anyone help about this?i want to know about the licensing module for Netbackup Flex Scale, currently, we're using netbackup platform license. Do we need to purchase additional software licenses besides the hardware? Is there any additional cost...

Tom_Qin by Level 3
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is Netbackup able to scale the bandwidth ?

is Netbackup able to scale the bandwidth (or RAM usage etc.) used by a client?I don't know how to explain this well, but we can take the example of Windows Update which uses via BITS a certain limit depending on the resources necessary for the proper...

Resolved! failing

Newly implemented Veritas 5250 appliance running NBU have need to test connectivity outside the admin GUI (bptestbpcd, for example) which I assumed I could do via the method, but I'm (now) getting the following (From Suppor...

nholtz by Level 4
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Resolved! Adding Replication Server

Hi all,Can anyone here help me out with this issue ?I have exactly the same error and the credentials requested are those of an old account that no one remembers.We simply no longer have the login credentials originally used...Solved: Re: authenticat...


Resolved! 5230 Appliance - Rebuild/Recover RPM Database

Good morning, all.My 5230 appliance encountered an error this morning with the RPM database.  I searched Veritas' support site and found one article that references contacting support to "recover/rebuild the RPM database."  Since this isn't really an...

5230 - Failed to Disable Call Home

Hi, all.I have a 5230 appliance on which I am trying to disable the Call Home feature, but receive "Failed to Disable Call Home" when I try.  Since the 5230 is EoSL I thought I would reach out to you all and see if anyone has come across a fix for th...

Resolved! NetBackup Flex Appliance WORM repl./AIR?

Hello, deploying (2x) FlexOS 2.1, NBU , Master, Media MSDP, AIR ok but using WORM storage shows everyting ok on source side, but no import job and nothing get catalogized on target side. Anyone seen this or got AIR working using WORM?

Best practices - Zoning LPARs - Netbackup Appliances

Hi guys, I hope you can help me.I have 3 5340 Netbackup Appliance ( version) and like 20 AIX clients (LPARs running in POWER 8). I´ve read this article but I ha...

AndresV by Level 6
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Resolved! NetBackup appliance with Data Domain

I would like to use Data Domain with a NBU 5340 appliance.Does the appliance built-in licensing include PDOO and can that be used for DD, or do I need to purchase some additional licensing?Thanks.


Everybody is good I think excuse me: to help the customer after registration license, I got two license files, a total contains four: two files of similar name: * * * * * * _QTY3 / QTY1 - VERITAS NETBACKUP 9.1 PLATFORM BASE COMPLETE EDITION license.E...