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Nebackup 5230 End of life

Netbackup appliance 5230 will be end of support by 2022-01-31. What are the options I have ?Is there any extended support option is avilable with veritas ? Do the veritas provide appliance buy back ?John   

s_john by Level 3
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New - NetBackup 5250 Appliances

Overview: VERITAS NetBackup 5250 Appliance.VERITAS NetBackup Appliances integrate multiple components into a single converged device, streamlining management, operation and support—and saving you money and critical IT resources.Tight integration with...

Recommended Patches for NetBackup Appliance 3.2

It is strongly recommended that all NetBackup 5230/5240/5330/5340/5250 Appliances running 3.2 release install the following patches. These patches were released in June 2020. If you previously installed any patches on your 3.2 appliance, there is no ...

sagrawal by Level 4
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Upgrading to NetBackup Appliance 3.2

The upgrade binaries have been available since late April 2020 in Download Center. make sure to refer to the following article for Upgrade Instructions:

sagrawal by Level 4
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NetBackup Appliance 3.1.2 Security Patch 1

The patch was released in early April 2020 and provides updated Third-Party packages that fix security vulnerabilities. The patch can be downloaded from here.Sanjay AgrawalVeritas Principal Product Manager --- SDS/Appliances  

sagrawal by Level 4
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Resolved! admin account lost ssh access to appliance

was working on 3.1.2 appliance yesterday and believe accidently locked out account. luckily several of us have admin accounts and can still get in.when trying to ssh in now get an "access denied". tried to login in directly from the console and that ...

Resolved! 3.2 Appliance Upgrade Readiness Analyzer question

In the article article 100040055,, it discusses "This tool also removes any unnecessary or old packages, old logs, and expands specific partitions to the necessary size as neede...

DELL Tape Drives go offline over time

Good Day  We have a NBU 5240 Appliance 3.1.1 installed with Dell TL4000 Libray and 4 x Dell LTO 7 drives.  The Library and Drives are SAN Attached to the Appliance through a Switch. The Drives are only used with SLP's to duplicate the Monthly and Yea...

bduthie by Level 2
Employee Accredited
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Appliance and HW compression on tape

Hi guys,For supported tape library - Qualstar + 2x LTO5 FC the HW compress is not enable.sginfo -a /dev/sgx show DCE = 0.Appliance 5240 - 8.1.2.The appliance has not stinit and mt command where is possible to enable this. Any supported recommendation...

PetrHanz by Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified
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Single mode FC SFP supported?

Hi, I've been googling around and looking in documentation but I can't seem to find an answer, so I thought I'd try here.Do Veritas Appliance 5240 support Single Mode long range fibre channel SFPs at 8 Gbit?   Which manufacturers of SFPs are supporte...

Resolved! MSDP to MSDP duplication is failing with error 191 & 84

May 5, 2020 7:00:36 PM - Critical bpdm (pid=18255) Storage Server Error: (Storage server: impl_copy_extent_direct: Optimized duplication is not supported when source and target servers are the same. V-454-85 May 5, 20...

Tech refresh for Media Server Appliance 5230 to 5240

Hi all experts,I have a customer who planning to perform tech refresh for their Veritas Media Server Appliances from 5230 to 5240.The requirements from customer is convert all the current configuration (hostname, IP addresses, OST mount point) from 5...

NetBackup Virtual Appliance

Hello Everyone, I am currently exploring NB Master VA. I have few confusions. Is there a limit on the number of MS that can be managed by a Master VA. I did not find anything related to this in the product guide. However, If I look at the info from t...

Aj1209 by Level 2
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Resolved! NetBackup EEB Listing

Is there a way via command line to get a list of current EEBs installed on an appliance?NBU 5230 running 3.2/8.2I'm looking for a way to automate the check / listing of installed EEBs.

DPeaco by Moderator
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Isolated Recovery (Offline Backup)

Many institutions are looking for a secondary separate backup copy as an Isolated Recovery / offline or air gapped solution. How we can design such solution in a NetBackup and Backup appliance environment?