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Level 4

Hi there, 

is there a way of calculating what the size of NBU and MSDP catalogue  for an environment?

I have 600MB Sap Hana data, 3 GB fileserver, and 2 different SQL servers with sizes less than 1TB.

Thanks for your response.


Level 6

Hi @AlexNtowGH 

The size of the NetBackup catalog is not directly related to the amount of data being backed up. The size is related to the number of files that need to be recorded and the number of backups that are cataloged. So how often you run full backups, and incremental backups (and how much data changes). 

With a quick search of VOX I found this old article which is a good starting point @sdo provided a useful spreadsheet which is a good starting point. 

The size of the MSDP catalog is typically less than 1% of the MSDP size, but again this will depend on the number of backup images stored in the pool and to a lesser extent the size of the backup images. 



As David has already stated....the catalog size has nothing to do with how much data you have. It does depend on how many clients you are backing up and the data retention set in each backup policy. We do about 150 PB of data backups each year and that across about 2500 backup clients. Our largest catalog (on one of our master servers) is at 1.5 TB. This covers all clients with backups and spans backup retentions of 35 days all the way through to 7 year retention. The more backups you have with long policy retention points, the larger your catalog will be.