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creating new user account fails with [Error] Group name=[NBALocalAdmins] not found. Add the group b

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Hi all,


we have many netbackup appliances with version 3.1.2


we are trying to create new user account, and then grant some preveleges.


upon trying to create the account via cli on many of the appliances it failes:


XXXXXX.LocalUser> Users Add <our new user here>
>> New Password for user XXXXX:
>> Confirm password for user XXXXX:
- [Error] Group name=[NBALocalAdmins] not found. Add the group before granting/revoking privileges
checking all appliances that the operation failed shows that there is no such group:
on the appliances that work as expected this group is present.
any advise is more then welcome as our veritas case has no progress for more then a week now.
thank you in advance,
Best regards,

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I do not have access to an appliance to test this, but the instructructions are different in the Appliance Admin Guide:


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Apologies... I get it - you want to create a local user as per

Strangely this manual does not reference group name NBALocalAdmins at all - the only reference that I can find is in the AMS manual:

From what I can see in the Admin Guide, it seems that groups can only be added manually for AD, LDAP or NIS.

Sorry.... out of ideas....


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If you're just looking for a generic CLISH-only user you could always add them in via the CLI (sorry, my CLISH knowledge is a bit rusty) :

useradd -c "New User Person" -N -d /home/nbusers -g 111 -M newusername
passwd newusername
<temp password entered twice>
chage -d 0 newusername

My apologies that I don't have an appliance handy to confirm but GID 1111 should be the one you want your CLISH-folks added to, and the security scripts should see that when they login and direct them appropriately.