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I have a query about the difference between a standard software build system and an Appliance

On a stand built server if I wanted to have a look at the emm tables I would use nbdb_unload and I recentyy wanted to do this on an appliance. 

the command runs but looking in the output folder there was only an unload.log with an error message inside

either an old version of the server is running or the database "nbdb" was started in an old version of the server

Never seen this error before, how would I go about running this command on appliance.

tried running the command in maintenace mode and with elevate option




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Hmm stupid question but this NBU appliance is a master server right? My take is, it should dump the tables... as this is 'regular' NBU install with some additional things like CLISH, mongodb, volume manger etc.... but was never trying to unload it there... well I never did it if was not asked by support to do so.

yes it is and I agree I would expect it to work, I am wondering if it holds multiple version builds on the appliance might explain the error and it needs to run in the correct instance possibly via an enviroment variable 

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Just to check, when you ran the command on the appliance did you elevate your access first, or do it from the vanilla maintenance prompt ? Access aside, it ought to be exactly the same to run it on an appliance vs. a Server-class install - the appliance doesn't have multiple Sybase ASA (aka SQL Anywhere) installs to worry about. What syntax are you using to run it ?

as it might help other people, the problem was servers had been merged (I assume catman or its like) and looks like something wasnt right. I didnt see what was done but during a remote session they were able to get it working.