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nbpxyhelper generating more logs at client end

Level 4

Dear Experts,


On minimal logging level, nbpxyhelper generating more logs at client end. Any way to resolve this?


Level 4

Client logging setting



Level 5

I've personally never found default logging to be of any use. If there is an issue, it will reoccur (or I can try force it to reoccur). So for the client, you can either delete the log folder on the client (recreate it when necessary) or try this link to set logging for that specific process to 0:

Thanks, so need to run this command vxlogcfg -a -p NB -o 486 -s DebugLevel=0 at client end to narrow down the logging level to "0"?

Yes. After a few minutes/hours you can confirm this has worked by using:


vxlogview -a -p NB -o 486 and look for the latest entry. 

Level 5

Just note that 0 = no logging at all.

If you prefer for logs to roll over, you can experiment with this;

Level 3

I would check client side BAR Gui for logging also. The host properties on the Master Server doesn't give as much client side logging control. Although nbpxyhelper is part of the unified logs and it seems you have set using correct vxlogcfg command.

You can confirm in the /netbackup/nblog.conf file and search for 486 to find if DebugLevel has been saved to the conf file correctly