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snapshot deleting taking to time.

Level 6

Hi guys,

I have a vmware windows 2003 virtual machine with oracle inside, this virtual machine is very transactional!

The backup process itself take 10 hours but when the backup finishes the delete snapshot process takes almost 6 more hours. The backup is not based on agent.

Could help if I install the Netbackup agent (7.7.1 I know is not supported but I think it works)??

Any ideas are well receivied.


Level 3

I would suggest install netbackup agent and backup the oracle database using Oracle policy type and not vmware.

You can still backup the VM with virtual disk holding Oracle DB and logs excluded as those will be backed up under oracle policy.

You might not be able to restore oracle DB the way you are backing now . 

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I agree. You need to install the agent and do RMAN backups.

The only problem is that NBU 7.7.x and later does not support W2003 because of Microsoft dropping support for W2003.

If I am not mistaken, the last version that supported W2003 was NBU 7.6.x.