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vcloud with netbackup flex appliance protocol for agentless

Level 1

I am in the process of deploying Netbackup flex appliance 5250 to backup VMware cloud VMs. My question is can I backup VMs over SAN protocol since my SAN is FC and be able to restore VM files and folders agentless or do I need NBD?

I like NBD but am concerned about the network bandwidth and impact on the ESXi host performance. 

any recommendation or if anyone has a network design that can share


Level 6

Hi @netbackupgu4420 

If you have FC ports installed in the appliance, then these ports should be assignable to an instance for use as either tape out or VMware SAN transport (and a FT target for NBU  You need to assign the FC ports to the instance via the system topology section - there will be a fibre channel tab. 

Looking at you question again, you are asking about VMware cloud VMs - which as I understand VMC, this does not provide acess to SAN.

The ability to recover agentless, is independant of the backup transport method. The recovery is performed by pushing a lightweight Netbackup client to the server (how depends ont eh server type) and then this is used to recover the files etc. Once completed, the lightweight agent is removed. So agentless requires network access to the VM.