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7 Best practices for a Successful NetBackup Deployment in Google Cloud

Level 4

Creating an entire NetBackup architecture in the cloud has never been easier. Now, with Google, bring your own Google Cloud license (BYOL) to deploy your NetBackup Primary, Media, or CloudPoint server(s) in the cloud or selected components of your backup infrastructure.

Learn More: NetBackup for Google Cloud Deployment Guide 

Get started with your cloud deployment with these best practices

  1. Make sure your Google Cloud Platform account is active and that you have the correct privileges to create an instance with machine type c2-standard-4 or higher N1, N2, E2, N2D, and all associated resources.

  2. Have your valid NetBackup license key and NetBackup Usage Insights Customer Registration Key for an account on hand. You will need these.

  3. Confirm your system and instance meet requirements. Refer to the compatibility lists and documentation.

  4. Verify that you configured your network correctly and that components (VPCs, Hosted Zones, etc.) can communicate with one another.

  5. For Cloud Deployments Only:
  • Ensure that you enabled the Secret Manager API for the Google Cloud Platform project.
  • Verify that the Compute Engine default service account or your designed user has the “Editor” and “Secret Manager Secret Access” roles attached.

With those best practices in mind, you are now ready to start your deployment of NetBackup in GCP.

Check out this short video as I walk you through how to configure your deployment:

Have you planned for the correct sizing?

Resources to help with sizing your NetBackup environment:

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