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Protect Newly Deployed Cloud Apps with NetBackup Cloud Intelligent Policies

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In general, today's cloud infrastructure is much more reliable than what one may find in the typical data center. Mature enterprises recognize that the cloud vendor’s core focus is to provide service uptime; the safety of your business data is not their highest priority. Some cloud vendors help you un-delete recently lost data, however these types of services are limited in nature. Enterprises have varying reasons when it comes to data protection – these include recovering from an older copy of data, compliance/legal requirements, portability of data across multi-cloud development teams, or just plain avoiding vendor lock-in.

A well-defined business continuity plan for the data center helps enterprises be resilient to any disruption—accidental deletes, lapses in security, or even ransomware incidents. Cloud-native resources also need similar protection to their on-premises counterparts. Protection strategies include taking periodic backups, storing redundant air-gapped copies of data, and optimizing the cost of storing data in the cloud using technologies such as Deduplication. That is where the similarity ends.

The pay-as-you-go cloud model gives companies flexibility in dynamically provisioning cloud resources to meet peak usage needs and scale down those resources to manage cloud infrastructure costs. When initiated, most cloud resources utilize one or more Tags in the form of key:value pairs that describe their function, data classification, business owner or purpose. Due to the elastic nature of cloud infrastructure, it is completely reasonable to expect that an array of cloud resources brought online last week, are now no longer available a week later. Therefore, enterprise backup platforms for the cloud must be able to keep up with the dynamic provisioning and deprovisioning of cloud resources.

Figure 1 - Automated Cloud Asset DiscoveryFigure 1 - Automated Cloud Asset Discovery

It is not practical to use traditional policy-driven constructs that define a finite set of resources for cloud data protection. We need something more elastic. A cloud-native data protection platform must be capable of discovering tags on resources in the cloud subscription, and at the same time, automatically protecting these dynamic assets with well-defined protection plan criteria.

This brought back some old memories. It’s over a decade ago in NetBackup 7.1, we made life easier on VM administrators with Intelligent policies for VMware Protection, with features like auto-discovery and SQL-query-based definitions to logically define asset groupings. Fast-forward to NetBackup 9.1, we have extended this popular functionality to cloud resources in AWS, Azure, and Google cloud. Announcing NetBackup Cloud Intelligent Policies—you will also see them referred to as Cloud Intelligent Groups.

Cloud Intelligent Policies Image.png

Creating a Cloud Intelligent Policy is easy; use our visual query builder to create a group of cloud assets for protection. No prior SQL expertise necessary; you can also use NetBackup API to automate the creation of cloud intelligent groups. Schedule protection by associating the Intelligent groups to a Protection plan or use the Backup Now option to generate an immediate recovery point. As new cloud assets come online with similar tag criteria, they stay protected, and you remain compliant.

Always Protected _ No Cloud Left Behind.png

The automatic discovery of new assets and intelligent filtering drastically reduces the effort required to automate data protection for cloud assets and stay compliant as enterprises continuously adopt multicloud applications and infrastructure. NetBackup has all your resources across multiple clouds protected—No cloud data left behind!

Please tell us what you think about this feature. Better yet, try it out yourself. Download a copy of Veritas NetBackup 9.1 from our trialware page and see how easy it is to protect Microsoft Azure resources. Existing customers can download a copy from the Veritas Download Center. Additionally, be sure to renew your Veritas maintenance and services to continue to get access to free support and upgrades, so you can make the most of your Veritas products. Renewing allows you to capitalize on the innovations in the latest releases as soon as they are available to keep your products up-to-date and operating as they should. It also allows you to leverage Veritas services to get the always-on, expert technical support required to quickly resolve issues. As a result, you extract more value from your Veritas investment, reduce your risks, so you can focus on your business. Learn more about Veritas maintenance and support at

Veritas NetBackup enables organizations of all sizes with robust, cloud-native technologies that protect your business on every step along the cloud transformation journey. Learn more about NetBackup at and watch this demo.

For more NetBackup features, ask us questions in the comments, and stay tuned to more blogs or demos planned in our V-Bytes video series.