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Legacy Aptare - Rebuilding Master Server - Java Errors After Install

Level 2

We are in the midst of working on an APTARE (NBU ITA) upgrade but we are still currently on a legacy version. I realize this version is very out of support...but...need some help in the mean time. 

It is my understanding that .NET needs to be installed and so all versions avail are installed. I dont recall if there were any other base requirements to get the ATPARE data collector to work. This is for version installing on 2019. 

We have this same version working without issue on other 2019 servers.

The installer completes without issue. 

I update the CACERTS file to the one we use. 

But I get this. I've ran into this before years ago and I cant for the life of me remember what we did to get around this. 

I am of course comparing this to a work master server and I cant tell what is missing on the new one. 





Level 4

@LonkFromATL so you are did a fresh install of the older collector software on this primary/master?  What version of collector did you install?  Also, are you getting same error with updateconfig.bat?  Did the collectorconfig.xml get downloaded into the ../conf directory?

On the surface, based on the bind error messages, it could be a port conflict.  Is anything listening on ports in the 6000-6100 range?  Is there any special characters in your collector name / passcode?


Long time no see hey there ole buddy!!

Correct, fresh install of collector on Primary/Master. This was a migration of an existing master to new hardware so APTARE portal already has the master server name in inventory.


I do get same java errors with updateconfig and checkinstall 

collectorconfig.xml is in the E:\Program Files\Aptare\mbs\conf directory yes

This is killing me because if I recall I ran into this years ago if I recall and dont remember what the heck we did to get around it.