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After hardware refresh unable to import deduplicated backup images

Level 6



Master: Windows 2008 R2

Media server: Windows 2008 R2

NBU version:

Using MSDP on one of my media server. I did a hardware refresh as per the dedup guide and used the bpexpdate -nodelete command to expire images before deleting the disk pool, storage server and storage unit.

Everything went smoothly till the recreation of the new media server where I tried to use the same path as previous storage path and got this error: system call failed.RDSM has encountered an STS error:updateStorageServerConfig.

After numerous tries and work around nothing worked. I finally used new paths on the same SAN attached disk and this time it work. Now when I try to import the images I get this on activity job monitor:


16/04/2013 02:55:24 PM - begin Import

16/04/2013 02:55:25 PM - requesting resource @aaabs

16/04/2013 02:55:25 PM - granted resource MediaID=@aaabs;DiskVolume=PureDiskVolume;DiskPool=media_server_PD;Path=PureDiskVolume;StorageServer=media_server;MediaServer=media_server

16/04/2013 02:55:28 PM - end Import; elapsed time: 00:00:04

16/04/2013 02:55:30 PM - Info bpdm(pid=1704) started           

16/04/2013 02:55:30 PM - started process bpdm (1704)

16/04/2013 02:55:32 PM - Warning bpdm(pid=1704) INF - No importable NetBackup disk images found in path PureDiskVolume. 

the requested operation was successfully completed(0)

Any suggestions? I have the bpdm log file if required.