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Any recommendations for volume manager and file system type for MSDP on Linux...

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Hi Forum, I've had a quick search through the DeDupe Admin Guide for v7.5 and I couldn't find any recommendations for volume manager or file system type for the MSDP database and/or data spaces.  I guess an appliances uses VxVM and VxFS - but what else might be suitable if we were to build our own Linux based MSDP media server.  The local server disks will re RAID-1, and the SAN LUNs will be:

- MSDP DB on one x 2 TB LUN from 3PAR

- MDDP data on four x 16 TB LUNs from 3PAR (i.e. 4 x PG of RAID-6 6D-2P)

I guess my question really relates to the MSDP data space - I was thinking of a simple logical volume of the four LUNs concat together and an ext4 file system on that logical volume.  Or might I be better off in carving the MSDP data storage as a concat 2 x LUNs (i.e. 2 x PG of RAID-6 14D-2P)?

And I assume a sector cluster/blocking factor of 64 KB is appropriate for ext4, just as it is for NTFS.

Anyone have any advice, or willing to share what they did and whether they ripped anything up and started again?


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The only other combination of VM/FS on linux is LVM and XFS.

If you want to use iscsi it's the only option (according to the documentation) as VxVM/VxFS don't support iscsi.

I would recommend to stick to the VxVM/VxFS

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FYI - we went with LVM and XFS in the end.  Three con-cat-ed LUNs make up the MSDP "data" volume (we use a seperate LUN for MSDP DB).   Our Unix froods tell me that 4 KB is the only supported blocking factor for a 60 TB XFS volume - so we can't have 64 KB cluster size as would normally be recommended if this were a Windows + NTFS MSDP media server.