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Backups on MSDP are slow (Slower than Tape)


I have an environment of Netbackup

The environment details are as:

Master Server: IBM AIX 6.1, Netbackup

Media Server 1 (For AIX systems): IBM AIX 6.1, Netbackup

We have and MSDP pool on our media server of 20TB. The filesystem used for this MSDP pool is symantec. (vxfs) with bsize of 8192. The memory on the system is 120GB and it is an IBM Lpar of power7 with 5 CPUs.

When i run backups on MSDP they are slower than the backups taken directly to tape.

Considering the system memory and CPU, i dont think its a resources issue. It might be that netbackup needs some tuning to use these resources.

I need help on tuning the netbackup MSDP for faster backups. I checked the value of MaxCacheSize in the file "/storage/pdc/etc/puredisk/contentrouter.cfg" and it is at 75% "MaxCacheSize=75%".

Any help will be appreciated.


Mohsin Mansoor

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There are some specific

There are some specific performance fixes in both and If you can I would recommend moving to



Hi Brook, I have plans to

Hi Brook,

I have plans to upgrade to but that will not be possible until january 2014. Can you suggest some tunning?

Also i can get the upgrade approved quickly if you can send me some supporting documents on the performance issue with on AIX.

Thanks in Anticipation.




It was more of an nbu issue.

It was more of an nbu issue. I don't believe it was specific to AIX.

I don't remember right off but one was agressive logging. I believe that was fixed in then in there were some other issues that effected performance. The logging issue was specificly with the db/error log which is for tapes. It was impacting backups in environments were no tapes were used at all so it is possible that using tapes would have noticed it even worse. Although I can't say for sure as most of my environments at the time were not using tapes.

here are the release notes for


and in case you are interested was just released:

and the 7.5 late breasking news page which shows the major fixes for each release: