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Bpexpdate query

Hi all,

i am running the bpexpdate command using - bpexpdate -backupid svr-server_1391110193 -d 02/16/2014 17:30:00 -copy 1 -force

i get no error when running this command however when i use the command - bpimagelist -U -backupid svr-server_1391110193 i get the following output:-

Backed Up         Expires       Files       KB  C  Sched Type   On Hold Index         Status Policy
----------------  ---------- -------- --------  -  ------------ ------- ------------ ------------
01/30/2014 19:29  02/06/2014       71 556560316  N  User Backup  0       0            HQ-SAP-Live


this output shows that the image will still expire on the original expiry date and not the one i changed it to by running bpexpdate command changing the expiry date to the 16th

this image is part of a SLP and was wondering if it is not possible to change the expiry date of an image that is part of a SLP?

Can anyone help with thi?

Many thanks