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Data Removal of Replicated Data PureDisk 6.6

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Hi All.

I have a PureDisk environment with 2 all-in -one SPA's one replicating to the other.

On the primary SPA, I have got a good backup regime in place with typical daily, weekly, monthly and Yearly backup policies.

I have data removal policies for each of the above timeframes, and have a single replication policy which has successfully replicates the data from all these various backups to the secondary SPA.

Now to my problem. ..

I wanted to create data removal policies on the secondary SPA which mirror those implemented on the primary. However, I find when creating a remova policy, if I attempt to select a dataselection representing say the yearly backed up data, I cannot expand the [R] Agent to see the DataSelections. As a result, the only data removal policy I can seem to create has a single retention period and will apply to ALL the different DataSelections I have. This means that should I set a retention of 7 days, then the data originally backed up with the intention of being retained for a long period of time (eg monthly and yearly backup data) will fall foul of this and be removed way before I want it to be.

Hope I've explained myself clearly enough for someone to attempt to suggest some solution(s).

I've scoured the available documentation to no avail.




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I have the same problem. I would open a support ticket. Ask if there is an EEB to fix your problem.

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I'm assuming this must be a 6.6 issue, we have a similar setup on which works correctly.