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Disk or tape to Deduplication Disk Pool

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Hi Everyone,

I am wondering if there is a way I can duplicate images that I have stored on either disk or tape to a Dedup Pool?

Windows 2008 R2 Media and Master servers running Netbackup


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Yes you can duplicate them but they will be deduplicated on the media server. Make sure to use a media server that has access to both devices or else the job will fail.

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Do you know if it is the same command line to excute the task? Same as tape:

bpduplicate -backupid "Client_123456" -dstunit "Disk Pool" -cn X

I am using that and getting error:


2013/06/25 1:32:36 PM - Info bptm(pid=11716) EXITING with status 84 <----------       
2013/06/25 1:32:36 PM - Info XXX-BK-HQ2(pid=11716) StorageServer=PureDisk:XXX-BK-HQ2; Report=PDDO Stats for (XXX-BK-HQ2): scanned: 5120303 KB, CR sent: 30853 KB, CR sent over FC: 0 KB, dedup: 99.4%
2013/06/25 1:32:36 PM - Info bptm(pid=12224) EXITING with status 24 <---------


The Media server has the tape connected directly as well as the Deduplication Disk Pool

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Can you confirm if <-dstunit "Disk Pool"> mentioned is the Storage Unit and not the Disk Pool.

Also, status 24 i.e "socket write failed" can be caused due to n/w issue.

Can you follow the GUI method to duplicate the image through catalog search

Hope that helps.