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How to enable SPA replication?

Level 4


I have PureDisk storage pools running EEB20.

I cannot enable SPA Replication from the Central SP. There is no SPA replication policy available and I cannot use Configuration - Topology - Enable SPA Replication. The funny thing is that the other SPs that replicate towards the central SPA do their SPA replication successfully.

I already tried removing the "[Symantec/PureDisk/SPARR]" section from the pdregistry.cfg file ( # vi /Storage/etc/pdregistry.cfg).

Any ideas?


 Remove the "[Symantec/PureDisk/SPARR]" section from the pdregistry.cfg file:
 # vi /Storage/etc/pdregistry.cfg
Remove the "[Symantec/PureDisk/SPARR]" section from the pdregistry.cfg file:
 # vi /Storage/etc/pdregistry.cfg


Level 6
Load Puredisk mainpage
Go to Settings Tab
Go to Topology
Click on SPA name eg: backupserver_spa1
Click on right side "Activate SPA Replication"

I have checked this on my Central SPA and can activate it no problem.

If the folder /opt/SPAR exists you may have activated it before and its now not working.

You can always uninstall it by running the following script


and then re-activating it again.

Level 4


This did not help. Indeed, it worked on another agent, but this one seems to be fried otherwise.

I had to copy the pdag directory to the /opt/SPAR/ from another server as this one had this directory empty.

I uninstalled this on the Central SPA, /opt/SPAR and /Storage/SPAR folders exist, but I am still do not have this  button: Click on right side "Activate SPA Replication" ]

Any more ideas?

Thanks, Michał