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Move /Storage to new Disk volume @ Puredisk 6.5 Linux Suse (PDDO)

Hi All,

I have environment like this, and need best solution for this scenario.

Puredisk Server has external disk (i have already use 6 slot from 12 slot). Totally existing 2 TB diskpoll for PD server.

And now /Storage status is Full. We need increase this /Storage up to 4 TB.

What the best solution for this scenario ? if .....

1. Add new disk volume up to 4 TB using YAST or

2. Migrate old disk puredisk Server to new disk volume (replace to bigger disk volume)

3. Any other solution ....

Please send me the best solution and step by step ?

Many thanks.




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I'd vote for . Migrate old

I'd vote for

. Migrate old disk puredisk Server to new disk volume (replace to bigger disk volume

just stop all services before the migration.


Expand Disk

I'd allocate another raid group to the server and then use Storage Foundation to expand the /Storage partition. Storage Foundation is inbuilt to Puredisk (ver5.1 on PD 6.6). You can use the vx commands from the Puredisk command line or go the GUI option. The GUI can be downloaded directly from your server


Then click on the download drop down on the right side and install "Veritas Enterprise Administrator (VEA)" to your workstation.


Personally the GUI sometimes lacks functionality but if your unsure of the CLI commands it might be easier.




Moving /Storage is dangerous,

Moving /Storage is dangerous, and should be performed with a back out plan.  For example if you can backup the /Storage location, that is a good idea.  /Storage contains hidden files, so a simple move command will not work.  I fact, you should not even try to use move.  Use the following:



You grow by adding a new disk group, expanding or moving...


The question is how is your /Storage currently mounted? Direclty, via LVM or VxFS? There is a number of options in here. Simply run

# df -h ; vxdisk list

and paste the results.



With PureDisk Stopped

crete 2 2 TB disks, then configure vx disk group and new partition  striped disk, 2 stripes

(do not mount as /Storage yet)

COPY the 2 TB of data to the new vx disk partition

unmount /Storage

mount new disk as /Storage

start PD

Test everything

Once you are confident that everything has come up the way you expect on the new /Storage, you can include the original disk into the disk group, and grow the filesystem (I would also increase your stripe count to 3)