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Netbackup Appliances 5230 with PureDisk: How many streams?

Level 6

Hi all,

We recently migrated to Netbackup Appliances running Netbackup (Appliance version )

We are running 2 appliances per site, each site is its own NBU domain (We use AIR to replicate). Each appliance is configured with a 70TB PureDisk volume.

We are quite new to PureDisk that is running on these systems, but at this moment they are limited to 80 streams maximum in the diskpool object (Which seems pretty low to me)

At the moment we are running out of resources due to this maximum that has been set.

What is the maximum streamcount a 5230 Appliance PureDisk can safely handle?

Note that we are using AIR to replicate all our images, but replication is being done during the day, not during backup times...

Any advice is greatly appreciated!



Level 6

We have been going through a tuning exercise for a great while and have hit on 98 per pool. WIth it is supposed to be a bit higher but we have not kicked it up as yet.

Level 4

We have 5220's with software version 2.5.3 running on 20 streams each and stability is not the best term to call them. We have no strict time window enforcement for SLP replications. Perhaps, consider purchase of another pair of appliances?