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Netbackup Puredisk for Remote offices

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We are considering Netbackup Puredisk for our environment - we have 10 remote offices, out of which 5 have central file servers and the remaining 5 are desktop and laptop users without any central sotrage locations.

One additional office (central) will host the central media server and houses a file server too.

All these 10 office communicate to the central location through internet (VPN)

Full data backup range from 200gb to 1tb


Wanted to know if Puredisk is viable for our environment, as we have 5 locations which do not have a central storage location.


thank you for your help..



Level 5

Your offices with file servers are right in the zone for Puredisk, but you may want to look at DLO for the others.  

Puredisk is really designed as more of a server backup tool- they don't actually list desktop OS' on the compatibility list.  I've installed it on XP just to do some restore testing, but it's not a supported configuration.

For that you want to look at the Desktop/Laptop Option.  Brings some intelligence to the backup specially geared to laptops, which can't be guaranteed to be on the network every night come backup time.