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Netbackup exchange 2010 backups failing with error 130

Level 6

Hi All,

From past few days we have been observing error 130 with exchange 2010(DAG)backups, I have checked in various symantec docs and found out issue could either be with circular logging or exchange writers but none of them are issues presently.

As far as my understanding goes. if exchange backup fails . netbackup locks the database and it needs to be removed manully to resolve the issue. while it worked for couple of mailbox, we observed backups still failing for few mailbox. finally we had to stop exchange replication services for one mail box and for other two fail over passive copy to different node and issue got resolved.

We would not like much of a change in exchange infra. Is there any way that exchange removes lock by itself rather than doing it manually or backups can be sucssful without stopping replication services or moving passive copies to different nodes.

Master server : Netbackup version 7.1 , Solaris 10

Exchange server : exchange 2010 (DAG) in windows 2008 server



Amit Karia