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Network error during webservice call: SSL connect error

Level 4

PureDisk (6.5) seems to be down. I can't get in to the web interface by fqdn, hostname, or ip address ("Cannot find server or DNS Error"); agent.log on the couple of clients I checked is complaining of "Network error during webservice call: SSL connect error" since 26 June.

I rebooted the spa about 5:30 p.m. but it hasn't improved things.

I can PuTTY in to it and /etc/init.d/puredisk status shows everything as Running.

Does anybody out there know what this is?

Any replies gratefully received.


- John


Level 4
Apparently it's no coincidence that it's about a year since PureDisk went in.

A colleague pointed me in the direction of - thanks, Stephen.

The document says it's for 6.2.1 but the fix (renewing expired credentials using seems to work in our, too.