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OpenVMS API wanted

I am rather new to NetBackup, and I'm trying to write some utilitarian programs in c.  Does anyone have, or know of, an API for OpenVMS?

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Symantec NetBackup™ 7.5 for

Symantec NetBackup™ 7.5 for VMware

Symantec NetBackup for VMware 7.5 Administrator's Guide

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and thats all 



This is information about

This is information about VMware; not the operating system OpenVMS.

I for one have not seen any API information relating to the OpenVMS client.


The available command line

The available command line tools expose pretty much all of the functionality that exists in the client. I don't think you should be looking for an API, rather use the existing utilities.

If you can elaborate on what you are trying to achieve more specifically, then maybe it's easier to help