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Phisically remove data from storage pool

Level 2



I am using Veritas Netbackup Puredisk 6.2 and I am running low on free space.


So I decided to remove some data selections that are no longer needed.

What I did:

-Deleted the data selection

-Deleted the agent

-Ran the Data selection removal policy

-the CR garbage collection policy

-server maintenance policy


This did not free up space. In the Capacity Dashboard I am still at 88%


I decided to decrease the time that backups are kept to 10 days for several data selections.

After running the Data removal policy, according the Data Mining reports, these data selections are using less space now. But in the capacity Dashboard I remain at 88% of the content router capacity.


Looks like Puredisk is not phisically removing the data.

Also I am having some data mining reports which only display 'null'.


Is there any way to force puredisk to Delete the physical data for the agents that I delete and to free up the space that was used by older file versions?


Level 5

In 6.2 and earlier, CR Garbage collection has to run multiple times before data is removed.