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PureDisk 6.6.3 with 6 nodes / rerouting MBE for a PDDO agent, it's possible ?

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I have a Storage Pool PureDisk 6.6.3a with 6 nodes :

   - Node 1 / SPA, MBS, MBE and CR
   - Node 2 / MBE and CR
   - Node 3 / MBE and CR
   - Node 4 / MBE and CR
   - Node 5 / MBE and CR
   - Node 6 / MBE and CR



This Storage Pool work only on PDDO mode, and actually, the PDDO agent is assign with the MBE of "Node 5".
I want to assign the PDDO agent to the MBE of "Node 1".

With agents PDRO, this is possible (admin guide P357)

   # /opt/pdag/bin/php MBERerouting.php


But, i'm not sure that this procedure work fine with agent PDDO.
If you have any idea, i'm interested.

Level 4


I think this may work. The main problem will be gathering the PDDO agent ID that is necessary in here.

This should list the agents (at least lists mine, when ran @ SPA):

# /opt/pddb/bin/psql -U pddb ca -c "select id,hostname from agent"

I had an issue rerouting PROE agent but then I "re-routed back" and it worked fine. So this seems a possible rollback option for you as well.

The question is how many MBE entries do you have for this PDDO agent. In our environment this number is irrelevant when compared to PDROE MBE usage.

Please drop a line if it worked or crashed. I don't know if any NetBackup Master/Media Server setting is necessary as well.