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PureDisk DR Option

Level 2


Using netbackup puredisk integrated into NBU 7.1 as PDDO.  PureDisk backups are replicated to our DR site via Netbackup SLP to an additional pure disk storage pool.  In the event of a DR situation we have a separate master server available (separate NBU domain).  All images and catalogs are copied to the DR server.  Restores occur from the DR server from tape without error, PureDisk restores although restore selection present fail.  I am told this is due to the separate nbu domain/different master server host name.  Netbackup AIR will resolve this (so I've been told) at present this feature only supports MSDO, and not PDDO.  Any update when this will be ready?  How else can I recover at DR without re-cataloging images (which takes ages).  Renaming DR server to match hostname of production master server (when link down)?

Thoughts anyone?


Level 6

Why not move your master Server to DR? If your site goes down your master is ready to go? If your master server does backups (so combined master/media) move the server in DR to your main location and set it as a Media server too cover the backup jobs the Master server maybe doing.

This is how we have it setup in our Environment. 1xMaster and 1xMedia at DR, 2 x Media at SIte.