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PureDisk Disaster Recovery

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Hi all,

We have a PureDisk Node all-in-one in

We have configure DR Policies (Full and Incremental) via NetBackup These policies are running fine without any error.

We wanted to try a Disaster Recovery on an alternate server (VM) with same FQDN but with different IP address.

So we have installed PDOS, patches and NBU client on it.

But when we start

/opt/pdinstall/ --no-install




we get the following error :


VxBSAQueryObject: INF - No match was found for query

vnet_pbxConnect: pbxConnect Succeeded

logconnections: BPRD CONNECT FROM TO fd = 5



And the DR stops.


Any idea?






Level 6
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This is common problem with NBU as the master server does a basic lookup on the incoming IP address and maps it to a DNS name. In your case the IP address does not map to a known NBU client. The other thing is if the NBU client name is incorrect in the /usr/openv/netbackup/bp.conf. It should be identical to the production PD node.

There however are several workaround options; allow alternate restore, disable reverse lookup, or change the hosts file on the master/media servers so that the hostname points to the temporary IP address. I think the last option should be working during your recovery exercise.

Still, if the NBU client requests backups using the wrong NBU client name, then the above workaround won't work, so verify the bp.conf.





Level 4


Recently, I successfully got through a total restore of PureDisk server version EEB04 rollup. In general it all ended-up with copying the files from the "backup" to "new" directories. Next step over there was a "swap": so the data was reflected by the mount-points. There is a script that takes care about all the file permissions that was run after all and PureDisk simply started.

I was really astonished it worked so smoothly. CR recovery afterwards cleaned up the DBs a bit (the DR was not a test in my occasion but a neccessity).

Maybe it is possible to use the NetBackup as a simple "copy-based" restore machine?

Good luck!